The avatar defense only lasts 3 days?

nowadays the npc are very hard and I would like to know if they are 3 days or the defense time extended avatar

Avatar bubbles last 36 hours (1.5 days), but may last longer due to bugs.

They may last longer, but it’s a visual bug mostly. They don’t protect anymore.

in 36 hours (1.5 days) 500 points is very hard work for a Bubble, it is not a fun game more :frowning:
I have to work hard in my job, I do not have to do that in my free time.

The good news is they nerfed the tokens to take as much time to harvest for as well. so we may see less 8 god attacks at once…trade off of sorts i guess.

Not to mention that you can’t store tokens in the refrigerator anymore. No more saving up god tokens in the preservation box. (Unless you’ve got multiple T3 altars prepped and ready to destroy)

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The change did not affect baby animals or adult pets in fridges … all mine are still OK…they haven’t even munched on the raw steaks I have stored next to them.

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I’ve been meaning to ask about this… On my server there is a the green lightshow and green bubble at the bottom of it… but practically no base let alone a shrine remains. I think the base has decayed away. Only couple foundations and wallpieces remain, but the lightshow persists. Theres also no marker on the map. I wanted to ask if this is a bug or not before I report it xD

are you sure of that ? visual bug but not protecting anymore ? There was no communication at all from funcom on the subject. In the past duration was 36 hours, now, at least visually a bubble seems to last 10-15 days, is it bug ? is god protection no more active after 36 hours even if bubble visibible ? would be good to have an official confirmation on this subject.

Honnestly, to test, and test again.
As you know, some stuff may be different from one server to the other, ever from player to player. And visual bugs are really tricky ones.

All i know, i had my bubble up for days, but it was doing nothing, just looking nice at night.

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