Anyone else feel the avatar defense last longer than 36 hours?

last time when I played in official, I remember it worked over 100 hours (they said it is for 36 hours when they were releasing the avatar defense system, but maybe they changed later)

Does it still last more than 100 hours now?

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36 hrs, takes 2500 branches and 10000 stone every time for set/mitra

Easier/cheaper for Yog. Skeles around the Sinkhole drop a ton. Bones Bones Bones!

Sorry, but can you read what I wrote again? It is basically 36 hrs, but when I played last time it lasted more than 100 hrs.

Are you sure it is exactly 36 hours atm? (not just by official time)

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There was a time it was bugged. 36 hours.

its fixed, it is 36 hours now…

IMO, 36 hours is too short. Who here has done the grind to get an avatar shield up? I have and it’s such a crazy amount of work, people burn out on the game just keeping up with it. And now that clan sizes are going down to 10… you’re gonna see a lot less god shields up. Maybe that makes the raiders and griefers happy, but those of us who like the idea of our nice bases (that took weeks of grinding to produce) not getting ransacked every time the raid timers starts… well we aren’t gonna stay invested in this game if that crap keeps happening.

God shields need to last a week before refilling.

it seems the god shield is either bugged or bound to some of the timer options… (spoil time, crafting time). i removed my shrine and the fricking shield is still up, even after days, and days… or is it 36 real life hours in SP as well?

Sorry it isnt fixed. Ours has been up now for a couple weeks. We even destroyed the shrine to hopefully get rid of it since it is causing a bug where we cannot place thralls within the inner bubble. It is still there.

damn. at least thank you for the information… now i have this dark whirlpool above my base and the fricking light beams of the altars… :confused:

so much for “release ready”…

Yup - it’s fixed and it’s 36h, but don’t rely on it too much, as there is a way avatars to do damage inside of the protected zone.

You have 5 heart you can craft hat Set. You have 30 medals

I think it should last a bit more too, also we can’t rely on it then what are we supposed to rely on to defend against gods @Funcom?

36 hours is already too darn much. It just gives airborne bases too much of an advantage. You can easily look for another archpriest within 36h.

Please look around yourself next time youre in a pvp server. Theres almost no one making bases on the ground, just a few exceptions (good spots)

This bug needs to be fixed really soon. It makes all towertop bases unraidable if it is built well

you dont need another priest, you just need 500 zeals to make the bubble again.