Fatal Error crashes - Feedback thread

Hey everybody,

We’re actively monitoring the issue with Fatal Error crashes introduced after Update 37. For that reason we’ll start to collect any feedback you might have regarding these crashes after our latest hotfix (patchnotes here) in this thread.

If you are using mods, please do keep in mind your crashing might most likely be related to a mod being outdated or incompatible with the latest game version.
Please allow the mod authors to update their creations after each patch. If you are playing with any mods installed, please do not report those crashes here.
This is very important as we are trying to collect and identify crashing issues related to the game.

We are interested in knowing the following details:

  • Are you playing in single-player, coop, private online or in an official server?
  • What were you interacting with when the crash occurred (furnace, vault, wheel of pain and so on).
  • If moving items, what items were you moving or interacting with.
  • Does this crash repeat itself every time you do the reported action or does it happen randomly?

We will merge any thread related to this issue into this one. Please report any information about this problem into this thread so we can relay the information more efficiently to our team. For any other issues, please open a new thread and follow these instructions. Any other unrelated messages or reports will be deleted from this thread. Please help us keep this thread focused and on point so we can find a solution sooner.

Thank you all for your continued support and understanding.


Hey Guys

Here´s a feedback from our “non-mod” private server, after this last hotfix today:
Seems to work fine…but:

  • the game creates a fatal error when closed
  • mass-delete structures doesn´t work anymore

The players of the server i´m on tested several things that caused a fatal earlier this day and nothing happend. So your work was fine except these two things above :wink:


After the update - I automatically went to verify files before launching.
One file failed to verify and had to be re-acquired by Steam.

  • note:
    This is after having already verified files with the last hotfix.
    (With that, I deleted all files - minus game file - in the save folder, then verified.)
    With this, since its so fresh, just did a verify - shouldn’t have had an issue.

None-the-less, no issues with crashing in game play.

I am getting a weird ‘effect’ when logging in… the movie trailer for the game will stop playing when adjusting the volume - or moving the mouse off screen, etc.
(Its pretty consistent, but sometimes works - never had this issue, until after the previous hotfix the other day.)

Game play seems solid though… (which is good!) :slight_smile:
Guess the moral of the story is to verify the game after each release and hotfix.

  • Single Player
  • Asus Rog laptop Core i7
  • Geforce GTX 960 M
  • never touched a mod

Hello, I just experienced exactly the same issue. Private modded server, PC platform. Exited the game and got a fatal error, this time I don’t mind since I was heading out anyway, but I thought I’d add my little report so you know it’s not just you having that crash upon exit.

Other than that, game seemed to work as usual.


So update here. After this last hotfix I have been able to log in twice, no fatal errors trying to log in and no game crashes. Additionally I am not experiencing the lag I was getting when moving near the new arena building pieces. Thanks


I get this fatal error message often when in inventory menu

Fatal error: [File:C:\UE4\CSAND\Engine\Source\Runtime\RenderCore\Private\RenderingThread.cpp] [Line: 959] GameThread timed out waiting for RenderThread after 60.00 secs



Hey @Rhiannon, @Dhaylen and @miodeleo

Thanks for the confirmation.

Regarding 1, does it happen all the time or just randomly? Also, how do you exit the game? (straight to desktop, main menu…?)
Regarding 2, how are you trying to mass delete?

@Fasha, any mods installed?


Yeah I crash when open anything wheel pen bench. Im i spamming for saying this? Maybe they just want me to don’t say it. Well wont be part of this anymore since I’ll most likely get flagged anyways lol hopefully they get their shht together n fix the game. Current state is horrible. Thanks :smiley:

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Hello. Yes, seems to happen all the time. I exit the game with ESC menu, then “exit to game menu” (not exit game button). And yes, I have plenty of mods installed. I shared on our discord, and same issue is happening to at least three other players on our server. If you wish I can list the mods (beware it’s a long one).

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Thanks @miodeleo, we’l try to verify that crash and see if it can be reproduced in unmodded situations (@Rhiannon reports something similar in his unmodded game).

Hey @Chilling

  1. This thread is for PC issues. Your issues seem to be happening on PS4, so please report it in there.
  2. Since you want to make this public, there you go: You keep replying multiple threads with just “nice, very nice”. Not only it goes against our community guidelines, which you already have been asked to read, but also against the purpose of this thread, which we have specified in the original message. If you’re still hellbent on keeping it up we will have no other choice than proceed with an account lock as per the same guidelines you’ve been tasked to keep a look at.

Thanks everybody else for keeping this thread on point.


Hey @Ignasis
1 it happens randomly. Some players report sporadic fatal errors when logging out. No matter if via main menu or directly to desktop.
2 I try to mass-delete with Strg+Shift+Entf on my keyboard, as always until the last patch arrived

and today a new bug arrived at our server…some players fall through the ground into the bottomless and can only get from A to B if they run over foundations or else
and a new Fatal error appears as a Player wants to drink out of a large water well and fill his sealed water skin with this message


I don’t know how you screenshoted that. I will post the error message I just got @Ignasis.

Fatal error:
Illegal call to StaticFindObject() while collecting garbage!

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Addition regarding the holes in the ground…guess: it’s the PVP flags.


Thanks for the additional information @miodeleo and @Rhiannon. We’re relaying it to our team.


Everytime I try to place a vertical elevator I fatal error before I can even place it. So like the second I click it from my hotbar to place it down where I want boom fatal error


Got the same error message again, under same circumstances.

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Hey @Nayna

Welcome to our community.
This is a similar crash reported in the past due to the use of mods. Do you have any mods installed?


Yes I play on a server with mods would you happen to recall what mod caused this issue for others last time?

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Exile lands improved.


@Nayna see Game crashes placing elevator for this bug in Exiled Lands Improved mod.