God protection dissapeared 10 hours after summoning the protection on a server crash

Funcom are looking into it as well as there are multiple reports about the issue.

I just had this happen as well. My god bubbles lasted less than 12 hours. I popped 2 of them before going to bed and they are gone. RIP 1000 zeal

yeah Funcom has basically killed the game with this. You now have to spend all your time farming for a 12 hour bubble and nothing else. Might as well change the name to God Farming simulator at this point.

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nothing get fixed with todays patch :frowning: seems funcom doesnt seem to be interested in this problem. But once i loose my base, me and my friends will never ever play conan again.


Welp, my base is gone. Glad they fixed cave climbing though.

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Hey everybody,

We’re aware of this issue and our team is looking into it.
Please search in the forums before posting to see if somebody reported your issue recently.
Please take a look at this thread:


well we are tryng to keep the bubble so far and farmng 500 souls everyday. we stopped doing anything else. and will farm it maybe 4-5 days more and hope it get fixed. if not , not gonna keep playing. we hope to see it is fixed very very soon.


in my clan we have decided that tomorrow is the last bubble we put, I am not here to be all day farming bubbles and not being able to make bombs or go attacking anyone. With this I mean that seen the seen and that funcom does not fix it, tomorrow we will be a clan less in this game, if this is what funcom wants, that his players leave, then we will go.


is it possible to get an answer about this issue ? either we stop or we know till when we gonna farm. it feels like blindly fighting against wierd bugs. Some info about it would be cool.

I invite everyone to leave the game that now only relies on farmer for protection against gods

@Ignasis Is disabling avatars on the official pvp servers something which can be done easily? If so, could you consider it as a temporary fix until the issue is resolved?

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And what about the all 50 stat glitch and the dupe glitch…! Come on guys this game it’s ridiculous right now.!

Finally got our first bubble up yesterday due to enemy clan saying we were going to get raided today, logged on this morning & god bubble is gone. Only put it up last night, this has pretty much doomed our base that we put a ton of effort into… how can it be this hard to fix this? Do you have any spare funds to hire a programmer? I can sort it in less than an hour for you if you want?

Call me a cynic but… in the lead up to this free weekend & new wave of players coming into the game, we had a dramatic 50% off of the cost of explosives, pvp time made earlier than normal & god bubbles being removed.

Trying to reduce server load by any chance funcom?

There are talks of funded / supported russian & chinese clans that server hop wiping out alpha bases also.

aaannndddd the hotfix came too slowly. My clan just lost 1000’s of hours of gameplay to a bunch of dupers who summoned 40 gods on our server and we couldn’t get the god bubbles back up in time. RIP

Not that the god bubbles would have helped of course, since Jhebbal will just destroy your base through the bubble…but still

No any info regarding this issue… So lame , so disgusting. Dont know what to say tbh. And possible new tactic is to ddos server to crash it. last 2-3 days our server stuck to 1020 ping every 1 hour for 20 miins or so.

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please look into this faster.

I’m starting to believe this is some kind of intentional change. It has been more than a week since this has been reported but still not fixed.

I have now 2 choices; i should farm 500 souls every day which i did so far to protect what i have while big clans can store their true names in pets to have infinite duration on them, or build a new base from ground zero and move AT THE SAME TIME STILL FARMING 500 SOULS EVERY DAY.

Oh, also i’ve learned that my server also has been laggy in raid hours not even because of ddos but someone decided to use some building exploit that causes server to have 1k+ ping at all times and sometimes even crash it. What happens when server crashes ? Oh that’s right! God protection disappears.

You’re not even trying to fix temporarily by disabling the avatars.

How easy it is to throw people off the servers like that, make an attack Ddos during raid, all the bases lose their protections, keep a few gods in animals, as soon as the server initiates the strips and goodbye clan. Thanks Conan