PC Hotfix (23.01.2019) - Crash fixes

Why is it, that I just hear this song now all the time in my head playing?:crazy_face:
Very (un)famous christmas song

Moi de mon côté depuis le redémarrage serveur de la nuit de mardi à mercredi mon perso s’est retrouvé vidé de son inventaire, sans pour autant avoir de notifications de décès dans le journal des évenements

What’s your name on discord?

Its fixed for me. It doesn’t aim 10feet over their head anymore either. :sweat_smile:

Hi there,
On my server all bugs you fixed in this patch are solved.
But, flooding over foundation is not solved .

and here a small info to the dev’s about purge:
when sabbertooth or hyena cups are involved, the purge breaks immediately

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Hey there,

We would like to specify that this hotfix was specifically targeting the issues that arose with the recent anti-flooding patch, as well as some behind-the-scenes tweaks to the measures added in the last hotfix. Purge improvements, optimization improvements and a load of other fixes and additions will be coming when the Testlive patch goes live. It will be around the end of this month or first weeks of February.
Also, we would like to remind you that to report other issues and share your feedback with us that is not directly concerning this hotfix, taking a look at this recent post and creating a new topic following those steps would help us immensely to track that issue and fix it in a timely manner.


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Following your update today, I encountered a crucial problem, which clearly alters the PVP aspect of the game.

Indeed, it turns out that on PC, mode “joystick” can no longer be “auto”. Which means that we can not be returned, then directly hit the enemy in our backs.

Now it is just possible to activate the simple joystick mode via “Yes” and not the “Auto” joystick mode. Do you know if this problem will be corrected?

  • could you be please also more specific ?

The forum has plenty treads about the so called “aim-bug”. It’s a bug where you can’t use hatchet, or hit objects lower, on ground, camera stuck.
Is this included in you fix, and what does this fix in particular ? The shield problem is one of it, ok, what are the otheres ?

I checked in with one of our coders and ran some tests in the game as well. The “aim-bug” that would cause the camera to bounce when locking onto an enemy as been fixed. The hatched issue that you’re referencing is still being worked on.


Ignasis, 3 weeks ago you post here, update is going online for 2 or 3 weeks… Now you said, end of this month or first weeks of February… Can i get one question ? How many developers are working on this updates and fixes ? Because long time, very long time are players reporting problems with “huge fps drops”, “stuttering”, “crashing” and other problems what are making this game unplayable. I mean, these problems are NUMBER 1 and must be fixed instantly and very quick because whats point to fix “dead screen lag” and other not important problems if you are not fully able to play Conan ? I never seen before any game where is someone ignoring these problems like Funcom and didnt set them like priority number 1…


Three weeks ago I posted that, although we had no estimated time yet for the release of the Testlive patch, it would be safe to assume it would take two to three weeks for it to be released live. During that time we have been hard at work trying to address the server stability issues that have been occurring lately, which was the reason why pushing the Testlive patch was put on hold in favor of addressing this. That is why we have to specify that we do not have a date set in stone, as this kind of problems can arise at any moment.

Performance issues will come in a later patch than Testlive. The first step towards that is the “death lag” fix we released yesterday. If it was an issue that we could fix “instantly”, we would. Rest assured of that :slight_smile:


Nope i am not talking about this post. In one thread i ask you when is update going online and you answer to me " 2 or 3 weeks". I know you are able to fix instantly “death lag” but why is someone focusing on this problem when game is unplayable for many players and no one get help ? Update what is going on by testlive is not only about this fixes but more other things what will change this game. For this time what are developers working on this things would be this game fixed 10 times but nothing hapened. But okey, what this “hotfix” really fix ? Servers still crashing, game still crashing. “Auto-aim” is main part of game but its broken, spending time on official servers but they are crashing, spending money for DLC but every is broken, PC for 2.500€ but playing with 50-60fps with stuttering and fps drops. “Death screen” is fixed, nice, i really enjoy it when i died yesterday 5 times because lags. When this game will in one day playing only 300 players like Hurtworld because everyone will leave, you guys maybe start listen to community and start working on main problems, not important things. GLHF

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I look at like this. IF you are taking your car to the shop to get the spark plugs changed to a higher grade, but on the way your car starts smoking. Do you keep going to get the spark plugs changed, or do you stop, call a mechanic, and try to fix the smoking first? I would try and get the smoking fixed first, then afterwards, they can get the spark plugs done.


reason why i predicted the patch will be released by end of feb, or early march.

i dont know if you are aware ignasis, but there is barely anyone in testlive servers anyways. and i understand such massive changes (well needed btW) needs time. and the less amount of people testing means it will take longer to release.

my concern is that the testlive patch build is not based on the same build as the official ones, making very likely to have something broken , something that cant be seem in testlive. where are those FIXES in testlive? i dont know if i am explaining myself.


EDIT : by that i mean the testlive servers does not have the latest hotfixes, meaning , the test enviroment is not ideal , as it is not the same as it is with the live branch. (its probably the reason why thigns get broken)


When this Hotfix landed yesterday, some friends got excited thinking it was going to deal with the “no kill npc no gather resources” bug that is happening when a Clan attacks with God or a base with too many pets and thralls. Just when the raid time came, and a clan released a God, the bug happened, and everyone saddened on the chat left the server one by one.

ofc testlive servers are empty. Who will spend 40 h of his life to test a game ? except ppl who are pay to do so. No one wants to play 10 h the go back on there original server and grind again :)). This testlive server shod be out of discussion and shod be a option not something that funcom push all the time. for a 100 times i say we do buy the game to test it for you, this is your job. And no normal human will waist his game time to test for you.
Every time we complain about a bug you keep sending us to testlive. When you go and buy a product do the seller send you to test his product and force you submit your problem in a particular way ? OFC no they the information and they sort it out, well not funcom they so lazy that they cannot be bother to sort out there bugs from forum and test there product they push the consumer to do this job for them


testlive is usefull to see upcoming changes, and i have seem a few interesting things, but it is not something i plan to do with my game time, (like a full time job)

noone is forcing you to play over testlive, its a voluntary thing either by curiosity or because the posibility of influencing where the game is heading.

i can agree that they cant force people to produce bug reports in certain way. (they should be thankful they are getting bug reports regardless of format, as most people will encounter and do nothing about it) but , again they are not forcing you to test their product either. if you do not agree with it, dont report anything, or test anything.

Hey @Caco

Could you contact me privately with more details about this occurrence?

sure thing Ignasis.

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testlive is usefull to see upcoming changes
i agree

noone is forcing you to play over testlive
At list 10 times @Ignasis send players to test a bug that we have on Official server and he say is fix on testlive.
im not making debate of this if you want i will make a compilation of replays of Funcom employs who send players to test the bugs on testlive
This TESTLIVE server has become a excuse for funcom. over 80% of bugs we post has a replay is fix on testlive :slight_smile: and they patch refuse to come live