PC Hotfix (23.01.2019) - Crash fixes

Hey y’all! A new hotfix has been released for the PC version of Conan Exiles. This one contains several crash fixes, a fix for the unnecessary lag when you die, and a quick fix so you won’t get stuck in controller-style movement mode.

Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed.


  • Fixed an issue causing unnecessary lag on death - this should now be much smoother.
  • Fixed several crashes.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause players to become stuck in controller-style movement mode
    • This fixes a problem with shields not working as intended, and a
    • This also takes care of the camera “bouncing” when using the lock-on camera

Addendum (25.01.2019):


  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t add attribute points to their character


Also, Hi Jen’s, Tascha posted in the News and Announcements and elsewhere that the shield bug people were experiencing (where the shield wasn’t blocking correctly) was also connected to the controller/camera bug. Is this still the case and if so, was this fixed as well? Thank you!

What about “aim” camera… Fixed or not ?

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Could you be a bit more specific about which issue you’re referring to?

I mean aiming on NPC or Animal with “Q” (dont know how to call that), your screen was shaking like crazy

Thank you :slight_smile: There isn’t a fix for that specific issue in this patch.

Okey thanks for reply

But you promise something els. You announce that you work on our lag and spikes and you promise this week. Now this fix is the fix for the problem you cause on 14.01.2019 this dos not fix our main problem that we all qq and w8. Why ? this fix is nothing it dos not solve our main problem

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" * Fixed an issue causing unnecessary lag on death - this should now be much smoother."

Thanks for that, sometimes it lagged so much I couldn’t even chose where to respawn.


Wait, it is/was a bug that I wasnt able to block hits of grown dragons and similar?

So now we’ve seen 2 patches since I reminded you about the (incredibly easy to fix) typos in the PurgeConfigTable that deny your customers the crafter thralls everyone wants.

I guess you really really REALLY don’t want that to work huh.

An unambiguous cut and dried error in the tables.
A solution provided.
A solution that would take mere minutes to implement.

Why no fix exactly?

How can you possibly justify this?

(Yeah, please do tell us all how you’ve suddenly decided to expand on the purge waves INSTEAD of fixing the current waves and exactly how these two solutions are mutually exclusive (because obviously, they aren’t))


Hi Jens,
This is the announcement @Multigun mentioned.

A fix about the shield behavior and camera movement. (The „Q“ issue fenix_svk mentioned)

So this Fix is not the Fix anounced by Tasha?

Can you pleas tell us why is this happening ? We w8 for a month since 22.12.2018 when lag and spikes start, all of you promise us repeatedly on this forum that this problem will be fix today (well was Monday but you say you need more time)
This small update dos not fix the problems we have and it dos not even fix the problem The Grate Fix on 14.01.2019 add. I feel lie and deceive. Shame on you Funcom pulling a fast one on us after you promise countless time you will fix this problem this week.


I think developers are not able to fix the stuttering of the game so they will be excusing for the time. I know that repairs take time, but the stuttering of the game takes over from the mother of all patches.

lol I shall look forward to a smoother death now. :wink:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


People can’t farm, kill or do anything。Whether to fix it or not

better to test it,

Maybe they work on it but its looks like they dont care about this problems…

i dont think thats the case, i think they might forgot, or simply a miscommunication within the team, also it is quite possible the fix is in it, and the developers did not inform the PR team, but i do believe they care.

Eyyy! thank you!:+1: