Follower stuck in nothing

My best thrall just stood there when the arena champion pounded on him no matter where i ordered him to move or how far i ran. Needless to say, that didn’t go on for long. Thank you Funcom.

Hey there,

Please report in detail on the bug subforum for your platform:

It might be useful to include the exact location, such as coordinates and map grid.

What @TheLOLxd2 said.
Additional: Yes, this happened to me, too. Your thrall gets involved in the fight with the arena champion and you cannot order the thrall to stop fighting and teleport to you. One wins, one looses the fight. This might be a tragic outcome for your thrall, but it is indeed what you would expect of a challenging fight, right?
Unless I´m with multiple people, I don´t let my thralls fight the arena champion any more. Even now that thralls (and monster bosses, but not the arena champion) have been nerfed it is not worth the risk any more.
You can simply skip the arena champion if you want (enter the crack left of the entrance to the arena) or fight it the way that arena fights are meant to be: one vs one!

If you have problems, use an archer build or the light attack of the spear. The arena champion was designed to be a challenge, and that is what it is: a real opponent, not just a moving loot box your follower will kill while you are standing in the corner, smoking your asura´s glory pipe.
Therefore: Thank you funcom for a real challenge!

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