A Novel Titled: “*HA!... Got eeeeem!*”

Game mode: Online Official Server #1600
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvP
Region: East Coast NA]

A Novel Titled: “HA!.. Got eeeeem!”

After the giant came and wrecked my clan and my allied clan, I farmed mats for the last 5 days, then finally got enough to build what I wanted, and spent from 2am-9am this morning building a community structure, “LevelUP!” A point of contact for new players and level 60s at the entrance of New Asgard. After all the hoopla it was time to relax and RP for a bit, and help new players, which is my favorite thing to do. I am known for building Welcome Centers in my spare time, set up with spare gear, weapons and tools. Also orbs, boss heads, Tower of Bats tours, all for journey steps to gain XP.

All this week I would meet people who were new to the game at the construction site and give them starter gear and weapons. Had 6 new players running the midnight dungeon all together behind me with matching gear sets. They loved the shared XP. We explored all the dungeons and I showed probably 10 people in total over the span of the last week, ways to succeed in Conan. Got them leveled, set them free to the Exiled Lands. It was grand. All the veterans who had their year or more old loot taken, including most of my clan mates, had left. So the new players were more than welcomed, they were needed. The server pop had taken a hit, but was recuperating.

They farmed for days and finally got all their bases set up. Today they wrote me and said they are not sure if they want to play anymore because everything they worked for was taken. I explained to them that they were not raided, but that the game had rolled-back to before they had even purchased the game. It was quite embarrassing, as I had promised them that officials never wipe. They were coming from Rust and wanted a different experience with more longevity. One even said “Deng, at least the giant only went after big established clans with most likely duped loot, not new players who just bought the game and have been farming legit for days!” Big yikes.

It’s so unreal to me that the first night I actually build something I farmed for, after a full year of no lifing doing everything from building requested welcome centers for private servers, to farming/base maintaining for a 10 man clan, to PvPing on officials (not like in admin mode where you spawn it in)… and fall in love with building to the point I stay up all night… happened to be the night before the rollback. (Didn’t even get to screenshot that beautiful baybee.) I had literally logged out at like 9:30am this morning! I HAVE NEVER stayed up that late IN MY LIFE.

A rollback that was said not to be possible, had just happened, with very unfortunate circumstances, and with no warning. :woozy_face: I am speaking of #1600. Yes the giant sucked. Everyone lost almost everything they had. The weak quit. The strong pushed on. We got over it, and accepted it. All sorts of new players joined and the server was breathing with life again, capped out at all times of the day. We were all in it together to rebuild after the huge loss.

Then, with no warning at all, the servers are rolled back. I think it would have been easy to tell people “Hey, you may not want to build to much right now, we are planning on rolling back the servers tomorrow, it may not happen, but just in case blah blah…” I think at least that courtesy should have been extended.

At least ten new players who just purchased the game this week were wiped. Characters don’t even exist anymore. I guess one could argue that that could be considered worse than what -**-### had done. (Player’s steam name not made available due to the forum rules).

I have a deep respect and love for this game, it’s my first and only video game. I am a female who had never even thought about gaming until this came about.

Through the dupe exploit, the spear jump exploit, infinite stam, weapon wrack exploit, I’ve been here riding through it all! I wonder if Funcom is aware of of how much people lost with the weapon wrack exploit alone! And that was before the giant came!

I don’t mind going through all this because I love the game. What I do mind is not being made aware. It would have been so nice to know that you guys were at least TRYING to roll back the servers. I went from being sad that my base got weapon racked, LEVELED, to accepting it and moving on, to being WRECKED by the giant, accepting it and moving on, and now I’ve been wiped again. By the game itself. On purpose. With absolutely no warning. At least with the weapon rack exploit you can hear people landing on your base, or with the giant, she always said hey when she joined so you could start grabbing what’s important.

After logging on to see that my LevelUp! Center had been um,… leveled down, and that all my new players buddies had lost everything I made and what they had made themselves down to their characters, I heard that 1588 was full wiped, unlike 1600, I was happy to at least have a fresh start somewhere. The server was FILLED and everyone was excited to have equal opportunity, no body vaults, no humongous abandoned bases, just fun! And then em… well you know the rest. :sneezing_face:

At this point it feels like I may be in a bad relationship!!! Or a rollercoaster! ![:roller_coaster:]

sigh goes to the do the homework she abused last night for the sake of a beautiful Rp cabin ![:put_litter_in_its_place:]

A Novel Written by: Conan Chick

EDIT: During the time spent writing this post, the giant came to 1600 again. He went to the same bases that he went to last time, and even more, and emptied them. He then bragged that he was able to come back and do this so easily. I cringed thinking about all my new player friends, hoping they do not think this is how this game always is! Now we have been wiped by a giant, rebuilt for a week, and then wiped again. I’m speechless. My job and life is very stressful. Conan is my outlet. I guess I will go watch Khaleesi’s RP streams to make me feel better. I do not know whether to try and rebuild for the second time or what, but whatever I end up doing, I definitely am lacking the motivation for it now. Oh Crom, I hope this is all an episode of Punk’d. Nevermind, he doesn’t hear my prayers anyways!

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Please do not tell us rollbacks are not an option, and then rollback the servers without warning.
  2. Please stop the giant, I cannot reproduce his bug as I am not skilled in that expertise.
  3. Please, please, please, communicate with those of us who have stayed loyal and not complained through all the bullski.
  4. I wish their was a way to roll back 1600 to this morning, when all the new players had their stuff. Maybe think of working with volunteers to spot exploiting in the moment it happens. Many would do this for free, in every time zone. I fear that the population rise we experienced in the last week may be defeated if the rollback is not cancelled, or if the servers are not ALL wiped.

I used to be like you, always helping the new players, until I met the infamous brazilian players lol you are awesome, keep up that spirit. If I could, I would help you out doing all over the starter area. Unfortunately I can’t join 1600. Must be awesome sharing a server with people like you. :smiley:


Infamous Brazilian players? Who are they? I’ve been playing for a long time but am not always up on things like that. N why can’t u play on 1600?

And aw, thank you :blush:

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Hello @ConanChick, we’ve had to issue a rollback to the most afflicted servers, which is a measure reserved for only the most extreme cases as many players lost weeks and even months worth of progress due to the hacker’s intervention.

We’ll be issuing an official statement as soon as possible, please understand that this is not a decision that has been taken lightly.


@Hugo Is there a reason you guys told us that a rollback wasn’t an option, let us recoup, and then roll it back with no warning? I have a little big following as Conan Chick on YouTube. CONAN = LIFE for me. I’ve put so much time and work into this game, and ironically, never had as much fun as I did rallying the community to continue playing after the hack, and Ignasis’ statement that we would have to just move on as a rollback was not an option.


To directly quote Ignasi’s statement:

There are no plans for a rollback at the moment. Neither refunds of any items or materials as Conan Exiles doesn’t have MMO-like support. Close term we’ll focus on deliver the fix for this issue as soon as possible and remain inflexible against those players who abuse of this vulnerability.

At the time of its writing, there were no plans to issue a rollback, which is entirely different from telling players to move on and/or that rollback was not an option. Was there any other statement that could have made you believe otherwise? Please let us know as we’d be sure to rectify it if that’s the case.

As mentioned in the previous reply, we’ll be issuing an official statement soon regarding the matter where we’ll provide further clarification regarding this event.


This is the statement I am referring too, his original statement. And the one that was seen and passed around through most of the community.

When I and everyone else read that, we were mad for a while, as our clans had worked for months to get where we were.

Then we saw the second statement.

Not hounding you about an official statement, not sure why you mentioned that for the second time. It was clearly announced in your first reply.

We were told twice maybe more that rollbacks were not an option or planned over the span of four days. The quote you posted was three days ago. Two days later, we are being told the wipes were an accident and that they will be rolled back as well, as “planned.”

I don’t see how you cannot agree that that is miscommunication. Who really cares about an announcement after the fact? We needed an announcement right when it was planned. It takes 45-60 seconds to tweet it, or maybe a couple of minutes to make a forum post. Even 34 seconds just to reply to one. If he would have just said a roll back was an OPTION, I’m pretty sure 90% of us wouldn’t have went in to overdrive to rebuild. Making new friends and alliances on the way. It’s like telling your child to tough it out when being bullied, and then later when he’s confronted the bully and gained a whole new reputation and made new friends, saying actually, “You know what? I know I said tough it out and you showed him and everyone else you weren’t scared of him and you made new friends… However, we are going to move to the other side of the country because you are being bullied.

Only to be bullied again at the new school (ie: Giant coming back to servers that have been rolled back and relooting everything, again.)

Sorry couldn’t help myself there :rofl:

Put yourself in our shoes! Imagine months even years of loot you have worked for falling from the sky while you are in PvP spec because you have been defending your base all raid time, landing in the ground just to be de spawned because you cannot possibly pick it all up. Imagine being offline, I mean it wasn’t even raid time! Then imagine being told that rollbacks are not an option, or are not planned. You get over it. You find joy in rebuilding.

The DAY that the servers rolls back with a huge update, the DAY we are told the problem has been fixed, the giant comes back. And does it again. You get to watch all your stuff despawn now for a second time.

I have never ever ever stayed up till 9am doing anything. At a party, at a club, watching Netflix, nothing!!! But the fuel was my passion to rebuild, and to show new players this was an awesome game. This was last night/this morning!

If a quick announcement was made even just late last night, or early yesterday, this would t have affected so many people.

A select few were affected by the giant. ALL of your paying customers were affected by today’s events and not miscommunication, but non communication.

I’m a little offended and hurt by your reply. Hopefully Ignasis has a reason he couldn’t tell us this was planned, possible, or an option.

Had to write from a friend’s account as I forgot my password and can not retrieve it at the moment.

Still in love with Conan,
Conan Chick


I am on 1600 as well, my opinion for what it’s worth is this. FunComs lack of communication turned this whole thing into a crap show. I had a few days off work and spent probably 60 hours from the time of the original hack to the rollback farming and building. You can imagine my shock when I logon and discover the rollback.


A lot of them, I can’t recall only 1 player, they come in mass to the servers to grief… I can’t cause it says I have too much ping, maybe around 170ms. You’re welcome. Please don’t stop playing, we need people like you in here :slight_smile:

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Talk about a punch in the gut! I have been fighting for you guys on this issue, but to no avail. It is a hard situation when it comes to making all sides happy.

Well thank you Aleetoo! I didnt know if by Brazilians you meant FlyHacks, because they are Peruvians. Love those guys. I can be mad all I want, but I have faith in the dev’s still, and subsequent hope.


I’ll try to get lower ping to step by on 1600 to say hi anyday soon ^^ And you’re welcome. Never lose faith ^^ after all, they gave us this awesome game :smiley:

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Hey there,

Apologies for the frustration. We’ve released a new hotfix addressing this exploit.
For future reports in this section, please give this thread a look:

In case of exploits or exploiters, please send a DM to either me or @Hugo
Regarding the server rollbacks, we’ve shared an announcement on the following link that hopefully will bring answers to most of your questions:

Thanks for your understanding and support.