Sharing a pvp story

I’m sharing this story in general discussions because I’m not sure it fits in “fanworks”, but I wanted to share with the comunity.

I had a very bad day and I wanted to try something different, so I joined solo a noping offi wanting to roleplay a weird gipsy writing in super weird english, living off loot without a base, making new friends on the go and see where it toke me, many where skittish, coming from rust it shouldn’t surprise me, but I couldn’t expect it in conan too and to this lenght.

I made few friends and some enemies without being toxic while being called names and…yeah you know, while being called a prostitute/female dog responding things like “do you kiss your mother with that mouth” and trying to stay classy, i toke under my wing couple of newby who where making nice houses at spawn beach, I taught them dungeons, where to get loot, emotes and recipes, about named thralls and so on.

I started following raiders who where using bombs on t1 structures and warned people before hand, that’s when i started making enemies.

After 8 hours i was level 41 and the server started to empty because people went to sleep.
Two guys asked help, lvl 1, i gave them some looted tools, and told them the rudiments, i invited them to croc cave first, to start, something was strange, something in their behavior wasn’t adding up.
As soon as we got in croc cave SDENG! it was an ambush, they where 2 alt accounts from one of the clans I made enemy with, I wasted most of them but in the end they got me at the exit. I didn’t care, it was all loot i found and repaired, as I respawn where are the bases of the people I made friends with the guys arrive, I made the mistake to take the 2 in my solo clan, they where trying to interact with every building, i think destroy action and/or opening doors, they didn’t believe I was playing the way i was playing and wanted to steal before i kick them out of the clan.
I was squatting a broken/already raided building using benches and open wood chests as storage and I only had the minimum necessary.
We got in verbal abuse. I lost my classy. I wasn’t toxic but I went on in a political way, people who don’t know my lifestyle can’t understand and it would be useless to repeat it here, and they themself probably didn’t understood the humiliation either.
After I wasted them again they run away before I could give the kill shot to all of them with a hammer, they tried to gang on me, one of them told me in chat “leave alone the food people”, I still don’t understand what that meant.

I was lvl 41 in 8 hours, they where in the server long before me, and they where all around lvl 30/40, and they call me noob. AHHAAHHA you can’t immagine the inner satisfaction I have right now.

And that’s all, tomorrow I’m going to play again there, and prepare newspawns for revolt, or at least those who didn’t ragequit after the raid wave.

BTW: I have it all filmed on my twitch channel, because I was streaming for the whole time.

Moral of the story: always double triple check who you’re taking in your clan.


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