Player looking for peeps to join :)

Hey! :slight_smile: Just started playing this server in my spare time outside of running my own and golly gosh its fantastic :smiley: An exciting challenge I must say, its got me hooked and feels very different to the normal gameplay of conan. I would love to see more folk wandering the woods, so heres the deets :smiley: <3
I play Agartha on there :slight_smile:


Hardcore Permadeath Roleplay (PvP enabled)

Are you bored of a causal Conan with repetitive playthrough? Do you feel like you need a brutal challenge with meaningful progression and a real sense of achievement?

Be invited into a truly immersive, dark fantasy world.

Fairytale- where Werewolves, Witches and Woodland spirits dwell in the darkest depths of the forest and not every tale has a happy ending. Be immersed into a dark, dangerous and gritty landscape riddled with spectacularly abhorrent evil lurking in every corner, where life can be as meaningless as blowing the flame from a flickering candle.

Life is fragile and every action you take can end it all in an instant.

  • Heavy Roleplay.
  • EU server utilizing the very best hardware available.
  • Unique non-human races with abilities.
  • Trade Classes.
  • Trading settlements and a full RPG style economy.
  • Power through wealth over gathering.
  • True Permadeath (Choice for victor of PvP)
  • The rise and fall of Kingdoms.
  • Dark atmosphere.
  • Magic and Sorcery.
  • Always in character.
  • Unlimited progression.

How long will you survive? That’s the question.

Discord -