Official #2509 PVEC...the real WHY?

In the time I’ve been on this server I will have to admit I have never seen so much immaturity. I’ve learned so much. Did you know!

Conan was never designed for building, your only ruining the servers. Building is only okay when you’re the one doing it.

If a clan builds a map room near an obelisk, It now belongs to the entire server! And if you close it ,you’ll be reported, cause you couldn’t possibly build your own!

If you steal from a clan and get removed, you must band with the thief’s from the other clans and replicate your thralls to represent your former clan leaders and give them Nick names.

When you are angry at someone on the server make sure you build a bunch of sandstone ( I really don’t know what to call them .) Around the person’s base.

Just because there are times you can attack other players, you don’t because that’s not what PvP time is for!

Don’t build around the sinkhole because … well I don’t really know the reason.

And Killing somebody’s thrall is against the rules.

Humor aside…

As a hardcore survival gamer for many years, I must compliment Conan for being such a diverse experience. I’ve spent 30 days of gameplay enjoying every aspect from building, exploring, crafting, and raising pets and thralls. Each and every system is simple but also complex.

You get what you earn!

I can’t wait to enjoy the future installments.

Hats off to you funcom!


Slander at its finest :joy:


Had me confused by the mid point of :mailbox:post.


Humorous sarcasm haha

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I thought sarcasm was meant to be funny…?

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Okay, I chuckled here. :smiley:

Welcome to PVE-C servers. May we interest you in our unique blend of players? It’s a fascinating mix:

  • 30% are players who were there before the Battle Standard was added to the game and they’re too established to move to a PVE server where they belong
  • 10% are trolls and griefers, mostly from PVP servers where they couldn’t cut it
  • 60% are people who couldn’t be bothered to read the text on the mode selection screen and have no clue what PVE-C means



Well I’m glad you were able to see my humor :hugs:

I was going to try a PVP server but then I noticed that bombs were a thing, which from my experience in other games, I would need excessive time to upkeep and protect my base. Atleast on PVEC I can play at my own pace, and still enjoy the excitement of player on player combat.

Mind you PVP in this server seems to consist of sending your thrall in and running for your life, using your horse to run someone over multiple times, well until you get knocked off then…well run for your life lol

It would be nice to have a few players to engage in skillful combat, not just playing against people whom run away. If ya know what mean?


It was quite refreshing. A post with a title like this is normally a bіtchfest about how the game sucks and how Funcom is awful. This was light-hearted and funny :smiley:

I hope you find something like that, but I wouldn’t hold my breath, as long as we’re talking about official servers. Not only is the combat too unbalanced – horses and lances and cats, oh my! – but people are too damn angry about everything :stuck_out_tongue:

I pretty much suck at player-on-player combat, because I’m not competitive enough to spend hours trying to learn the necessary tricks, even if the game wasn’t horribly unbalanced. I play PVE-C mostly for the sense of danger, so I’m rather good at running away :laughing:


lmao :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :+1:


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