Purgatory xbox sever pvp and fun Dischord: X7yJ4U6

Let play conan!!
Are u ready for an awsom sever? We have a growing player base and happy To see new ppl coming in 2 the server!!
Were active on dicord To plan events and Just have fun!!
Full pvp sever whit the following stats.
Xp: 5x. Crafting: 3x. Harvesting: 5x
Shorter night and longer days!

So come and join us on the lands of conan!!

Funny I just posted a nice topic regarding your clan and clan mates. I also made sure to include all the other toxic players and clans.

under your own admission you banned a lot of people where do you think the problem is. The 40+ people that you banned or left or yourself?

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Exactly. Even the admins are leaving your server. What happened to wonton? he was far better admin than you, he told me he doesnt feel he belongs to your server any more. Who is the toxic here? lol

Wonton left because Jigsaw was removed for building outside the map

Well if they followed the rules and didnt use known exploits there wouldnt be a problem. Clearly I am not the only one who feels what they were doing was cheating considering Funcom has agreed to remove all their negative posts.

The fact that your running around claiming we wiped you prior to you saying your leaving is a joke. I have the messages and based on your VOD I can prove when the messages were sent. Nice job getting yourself stuck Ivar, Freya, and Xanhax

I would stay far away from this server.

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You can’t correlate cheating to a comment being removed due to community flagging. You and the other admins flagged the post, or contacted a moderator.

Oh def you should stay far away. If you want to play this game long term