Purgatory xbox server fun and pvp

Let play conan!!
Are u ready for an awsom sever? We have a growing player base and happy To see new ppl coming in 2 the server!!
Were active on dicord To plan events and Just have fun!!
Full pvp sever whit the following stats.
Xp: 5x. Crafting: 3x. Harvesting: 5x
Shorter night and longer days!

So come and join us on the lands of conan!!

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What’s the server size and are there any rules in particular that people must follow?

40 as we speak!

No specifc rules Just have fun whit pvp.

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Dont play at this server if you dont want to get raided by admin and friends. They will lie in the discord channel. They ban me from server with silly excuses and lies

This is admin abuse server. Was interrogated when joining , accused of cheating and knowing other people from other servers wich they did not like. The admin plays with the very nooby fake “alpha” called The BoopOfDeath . Bans you of discord for posting event log wich was accused of reseting it some how. Clearly the admin and owner doesnt realise when a person joins a new clan his event log is reset. Also heres a VOD of the noob alpha building a t1 tower for 90minutes and at the end you see someone flying there wich is the admin helping him , shortly after we blew up the tower when we got tired of waiting for him finish trebuchet our base was demolished by admin. Admin is beeing fooled by the alpha tribe wich tells him your using vulgar language when you are not doing so and admin doesnt take proof of these accusations he just goes on hearsay. I would stay out of this server as it will be a waste of your time. Have a good day

Heres the VOD , sadly you have to go onto my GT to see video when our base was demolished by admin wich happened shortly after this VOD; https://mixer.com/KIMAC?vod=38975372 I would fastforward on this clip as it took those noobs quite some time to build the trashiest treb tower ive ever seen

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