This is admin abuse server. Was interrogated when joining , accused of cheating and knowing other people from other servers wich they did not like. The admin plays with the very nooby fake “alpha” called The BoopOfDeath . Bans you of discord for posting event log wich was accused of reseting it some how. Clearly the admin and owner doesnt realise when a person joins a new clan his event log is reset. Also heres a VOD of the noob alpha building a t1 tower for 90minutes and at the end you see someone flying there wich is the admin helping him , shortly after we blew up the tower when we got tired of waiting for him finish trebuchet our base was demolished by admin. Admin is beeing fooled by the alpha tribe wich tells him your using vulgar language when you are not doing so and admin doesnt take proof of these accusations he just goes on hearsay. I would stay out of this server as it will be a waste of your time. Have a good day

Heres the VOD , sadly you have to go onto my GT to see video when our base was demolished by admin wich happened shortly after this VOD; https://mixer.com/KIMAC?vod=38975372 I would fastforward on this clip as it took those noobs quite some time to build the trashiest treb tower ive ever seen


So as the owner of Purgatory----I have screenshots of messages from them bashing the server and saying they are leaving so obviously I destroyed their base. No point in it being there if they are leaving.

Also the reason I play with TheBoopOfDeath is because they are the most active in the Discord. I attempt to speak to all my players daily but no one likes to talk except them. Sorry I wont just sit on a server building events alone.

Also waste of time is an understatement. We have been fighting to keep toxicity like this out of the server for quite some time reason in my LFG post they are one of the clans noted due to how they act.

On the fact of flying up to the top of the treb tower. I witness any raids possible so bull crap like this is halted. But clearly people like this escape my grasp and still try to bash us.

Anyone wish to see the messages that state him quitting the server can gladly message me and I will provide them. He also a known associate of a glitcher/exploiter going by the name of VxBLOODYMARYxV . Another one of their associates is xanhax and killerkrook713.

BTW since this person doesnt want people knowing who he is. I will gladly notify the public. His gamertag is GODS El Kimac.

Oh I forgot, in regards to the event log. I am still learning some aspects of Conan like alot of our players are. No one knw the event log reset upon joining a clan. Instead of these toxic people just saying that they got all defensive and started major issues in the Discord.

Why you keep lying , we answered questions we were asked and then you scower our friendslist and clips and interrogate us like you waste the gestapo. your server is dead anyway and who wants to play on the server when rules arent even followed and you side with those nooby friends of yours and you shove away new players. Mine is said and i got clips , what you got? Just hearsay

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YEs im Gods El Kimac , so what? lol. Dont believe this guy , I quit the server after base was demolished by the owner hands. Why would someone stay on a server like this ? Toxicity is caused by your friends the “alpha” tribe and you as well , its the most pathetic server ive been on. Godly Exiles and Celtic Honor is just like this one , admin abuse and favouritism


Please post the proof, stop trying to excuse urself of your actions. We r clearly not the first tribe to be victim of admin abuse on this server.


LOL lucky I cant post screenshots of our xbox convo. but a quote will have to do.

“we arent gonna play here btw no point in playing on a server where we get accused of tempering with event log and interrogated when joining. its not how you get ppl to stay on server. be nice to ppl and help them in tips dont greet them with hospitality”

Funny you claim you never said you were leaving but you did. Your associated with a glitcher/exploiter so obviously im going to interrogate. If I didnt I am asking for you to cheat.

Watching your VOD btw. Love how you called them the admin clan. No one has the admin password except me.

Funny they have been helping EVERYONE complete events and do raid bases so they can have a chance.

You guys are the only people we have interrogated due to obvious reasons.

Are you smoking crack or something? What kind of universe are you in?


BTW continue to bash the server----we have a discord full of active players and active people---- around 15+ on daily----LMFAO and you claimed I covered your base in bombs, i was with my family for fathers day, the moment you saw me fly up to the top of that tower is the moment I logged on you

The covering base with explosives part you hear me talking about was on another server and not you. You dont hear the people in my party so you cant understand much of what ive saying lol

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Anyways im done talking with you but im gonna keep on informing people of this ridicoulsness and if they still wanna try out the server thats on them but hey , atleast someone came to warn them :slight_smile:

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Well I have reported all your posts along with information regarding who you associate with and how you guys tell players about exploiting/glitching. It is what it is. Via your VOD I realize you wouldnt survive on the server anyways seeing as you enjoy a 35x harvest and having things hand fed to you. I have tried inviting you to a party to see where you are getting your facts but clearly you just enjoy slandering servers. Good luck in your future. Hopefully they fix this ban button soon so everyone can ban you and everyone associated with you.

Just going to put this here for anyone who bothers reading this.

In here I have given a list of players who have caused nothing but problems on my server. If everyone who has dealt with them or has anyone else I should watch out for please feel free to add it in the comments.

List of Clans and the people involved in them that are currently banned and the reason
Monguers sa- XxYACARExX, anaywakan, Lara2013Maria - reason: breaking rules, harassing new players, being toxic

Jigsaw- Strong NL, Missammie070, Lazzerious - reason: caught in a glitch spot, breaking rules, being toxic

The Vikings - GODS El Kimac, xanhax, Supermario (more to name just dont remember it) - reason: causing toxicity within the community, associated with known glitchers & exploiters, trying to bend rules

Daughters of Kabal - VxBLOODYMARYxV - reason: known for glitching & exploiting, explaining to other players of glitch/exploit locations, breaking rules

Lol all that reasons are lies, you dont give any prove. This is just what the nooby kids told you. That not an admins work. You are annoying. You just dont know how this game works. Shame on you. Enjoy your empty server with crying kids.

For those of you who mentioned Celtic Honor Server above being a problem…it is. The Admin have a rule that you aren’t allowed to talk about Admin Abuse but the reason that rule exists is that the Admin on that server are absolutely crooked. The amount of Admin Abuse on that server makes it not worth any time investment. Out of the 6 or 7 servers I have been on that was the absolute worst for Admin Abuse. Just fair warning.