The Boys -WEEKEND RAID ONLY- Server horrible admins, dont go

Been playing for 2 weeks on this PVP server. Admin literally goes build a hole through your base, its in my mining path. After we refuse he spawns in tons of t3 foundations (we’ve already seen him cheating and spawning in thralls and mats for himself) and surrounds our base with it. I proceed to attack him while he’s walling off our base and he tells us if we attack him (on a pvp server) he will delete all our stuff. So don’t bother playing here.


Yup was there as well, clear abuse of admin powers. Threatened to “delete my base” if I built in the same square as him.

Not all the admins are dicks, just Xeno. He even tried to raid us after he spawned in bombs and croms sword for his thrall. Wants to play the game and be apart of the pvp but wants to spawn things in to attack people. Absolute worst admin.

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