Ceronesthes' FINALE, an Elegy to what might have been

@ceronesthes is gone from here, I guess. I was going to invoke him and ask for his opinion on the state of things. If there’s some acrimony or other beef, I’m ignorant of it and wish to post this video for instructive purposes. It sheds light on the ugly, futile, self-brutalizing world of Official PvP.

These Admin Wipes bring up great philosophical questions for me as a long-time player. Also, as someone with great passion for creating Conan Exiles content, I feel terrible that his very-well-received PvP series had to end this way.

It can be hard to make content for Conan Exiles. NSFW: If you are at work or sensitive to swearing, Ceronesthes does drop a few reasonable F bombs, so use closed captions where appropriate. There is also considerable cultural insensitivity (displayed toward him by other players,) which appears in his monolog.

This is not a controversial video. He lives out his life like every other “Donkey on the edge,” as Eddie Murphy says in Shrek. I think many people are one raid away from the nuclear options displayed herein.


I just discovered his channel, and am loving every minute of it. The finale was heartbreaking, and I feel his pain. Amazing series, and he’s a great storyteller. 10/10 would watch again


I watched this a few days ago. No ones base should ever get admin wiped unless your clan is legit cheating. Meshing, duping, hacking.

It’s incredibly sad to see clans getting wiped simply because of having larger bases. I’ve built on the spot where the clan he wanted to god built. It’s pretty standard to make kill boxes all over the bridge for defence. Even building Pyramids on the bridge for your own defence during a raid.

I can imagine with the report wars going on it’s a safe bet you couldn’t build on the bridge + the tower anymore.

It’s mind boggling to me that I watched so many clans over the past months spam dupe gates and get away with zero punishment but oh no build too much and say good bye to your base everything in it and enjoy a lengthy ban.


He resolutely tosses his entire savings at the beginning, so committed to the raid was he. You reward that level grind with an Admin Wipe?

We had a group on our server who chose an offensive name. Sure, one of our more placid players reported them, but my Captain straight up bulldozed them. Admin Wipes on PvP seem so senseless.


This is pvp…
Once I filled 30 chests with hors… t​:rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Losing everything by choise is liberating, but at the same time if you are not ready to do this then do not pvp this game. At the end, like @ceronesthes said…
It’s just a game.


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