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PvE-Conflict EU
When moving between the obelisks, the slave following me died, in his inventory were named slaves. Just started the game on the server, there are no slaves, these are needed, like air. I ran around all the neighborhoods, but did not find the corpse.

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We are not fully understanding what’s the issue reported. Could you take a look at this thread and try to provide us with as much information as possible?

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Thrall will most likely return to the spot you placed it on guard the last time. When you teleport, I believe thrall or pet following you will walk back to that last spot it was placed before recieving the last follow command. If he started following from your base, I’d go there and wait for him to appear.

To me I interpret this post as:
“I had a thrall on follow when I used a map room to teleport to an obelisk.
When I arrived I looked for my thrall.
I could not seem so checked the event log.
The event log said the thrall had died.
I looked all around the area but could not find the thrall corpse. (Rather upset as the thrall, has several thralls from a wheel of pain in their inventory.) “

What I think might be helpful for Ignasis to take to the team is:
Which obelisk did you transport to.
Exactly which side of the obelisk you ended up on … eg at the sinkhole you can end up facing the drop into Arena or in a safer place nearer the stairs off the platform.

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Is it related to this report on the Trello board?


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