His characters have not been removed and his game has not been broken due to updates. Instead, they were unknown people who are removing characters and breaking their connection to the game

As in the name of the theme it says some unknown people can eliminate your characters in some way and I don’t know how if they just don’t like you or defend yourself against both their unfair attacks and in-game fights or defend against their written attacks and they see they cannot win because you will always defend your rights and your reason until death they see no other option to make you disappear and they eliminate your character or they break your game all those who have eliminated characters for those people who attack and annoy them without reason breaking their connection to the game and removing your characters without reason and motives for those players who have unfairly broken their game or have their characters unfairly attacked removed I invite everyone to always defend their rights they will always start fighting against you without reason and motives when this happens do not always stop defending your rights because if you do not defend your mo they always fight against them until the end no matter if they eliminate or destroy what they want to destroy fight against them all the time until death do not allow them to take away your right to defend yourself from injustices maybe they can eliminate your characters or break your connection with the game but they can’t take away your rights if you give them a defensive answer when they attack you writing in the game if you don’t stop defending yourself you will keep your rights alive they just won’t mind if you defend against their attacks and unfair acts but if you don’t you defend your rights will die, the players who unfairly disturbed them broke their connection to the game and their characters were erased by these unknown players who attack without reason defend them until death and so your rights will be kept alive DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR lives for your rights.
Although they try to take us directly to the ground. They don’t have what it takes to break themselves after everything went down, they never give up after all, everything we’ve been through just makes us stronger by trusting them

Sorry to say, with respect, don’t understand one word your saying.


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