Character is fully empty


Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Here]

I played Conan Exiles with 2 Friends. We are now lvl 39,38,38, 2 days ago we logged off from our Server and today we wanted to play again. As we joined our Server, every character was complete empty without any reason. We didnt died before we logged off 2 days ago, we just placed our Bedrolls. So today we were complete empty ... and it didnt happend the first time for us. It`s pretty annoying to create all our stuff again and be afraid it is gone when we LogIn next time :confused:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Played Conan
  2. Logged Off
  3. Wanted to Play again after 2 Days
  4. Character is complete empty


What do you mean by empty? As in all the stuff on your person was gone? If you are on PVP then they can steal off your body through windows or anywhere they can manage to click on your body.


As mentioned above, if you sign out somewhere where someone can click your body, they can take everything on. PvP server

I make it a point to do this. I usually tip them a silver coin for their cooperation though


you are much nicer than me, I usually fill them with rocks and maybe a better pick


It’s a PvE Server and only me and my 2 friends play on it.

We rent the server on GPortal and since the last conan exiles update, the server is kinda laggy too. We updated the server and also conan exiles and no mods are installed… it’s so annoying to lose everything without any reason :confused:


that’s would be annoying. no idea what the issue could be unless your character is dying and reswaning over and over due to temperature issues. then your first body would despwan and all the stuff would disappear. put stuff in chest before logging out and then no worries.


guess thats the only thing we can do, thanks for your help :slight_smile: