Was attacked by ddos

Game mode: [Enter game mode here: Online official
Type of issue: [Enter one of the following:| Bug
Server type: [Enter one of the following: PvP
Region: 1931

i can’t play the game cause was attacked daily by ddos
have to check please
patience is getting less and less
please check

did you guys decide to ddos the forum by creating a new topic for the same issue for each player on that server? while i understand you are frustrated, i don’t think this will speed up the resolution.

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Are you currently on a server that is being ddosed? Are you affected by ddosing? Are you unaware of players individually voicing a complaint on a game that they payed for on a website that is designed to be forum for the very thing they are using it for?

Peope here on the forum, and mostly trying to help and answer you are also players like you, so spawning plenty similar treads ins’t the finest thing to do, that’s a fact, and never speedet up any fix.

As does telling people not to post on a forum with a game complaint on a game they purchased. Please do not tell people not to post on a forum. If the mods want the threads merged I am rest assured they will do it when they feel it is necessary to do so. I am not a mod so I will not tell or advise someone else not to post on the forums simply because I don’t want to see the title on the page.

Thus creating more work and taking time from relaying information to the devs, or properly collating the information so it is easily absorbed.

In addition, I view this as whining, and I try to be one of the helpful ones. Other than this post you will not see a reply from me.


I think what everyone is trying to say is one thread with multiple posts will be more efficient. Multiple threads just spread the comments out and makes it hard to track for moderators.

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Not “everyone” a handful of people, but I digress.

I am also trying to help in that I am offering that we let the mods decide what needs to be done about the threads, “whining” aside. I too am being helpful in pointing this out to the people trying to tell others to not post their threads on a forum design for this very purpose.

No one can argue that more thread titles are less visible than just one title, that is probably the reason for the multiple threads in that they want to be seen. Again if this is disruptive the mods will handle it and it is not our business telling others what to do on the forums in that we are not mods.

Have a question on this but wouldn’t you need to contact the provider ( I.E. Steam or who your provider is) to look into this since that would be where the ddos attacks would be occurring through or am I wrong here.

Funcom would need to talk to G-Portal as they are the server owners/ operators as G-Portal will only talk to Funcom because they are the account holders.

this may be so but Funcom makes you contact the service providers when servers crash ect thru that form would expect they want you to do same but then again I may be wrong here.

I have reported ddos myself on the report tool as well to cover all bases so I think it would be a good tool to use this way .

Long story short…

Has it been reported already?
Please make sure you do a search to check if that specific bug has already been reported. You are free to add to the existing topic if you have any additional information but please don’t create additional threads as it won’t help with solving an issue quicker. Quite the contrary, it creates more work for the support team to look through posts and collect the relevant info.