Anniversary Patch Bug List

Hello everyone,

Let’s share the bugs and glitches we’ve found out after the patch under this topic so the devs can track them easily and fix them as soon as possible.

Bugs I’ve encountered so far;

  1. Dead NPC’s (almost all of them) got their nameplates changed to German.
  2. Dead NPC bodies glitch under the mesh and sometimes go completely invisible (but still lootable if you know where it dropped)
  3. Climbing got VERY glitchy. I have a pillar base and before the update I knew where the “glitch spots” were and avoided climbing through those spots. But now the glitches are everywhere and it got a lot harder for me to reach my own base.
  4. Midnight Grove bosses got a corpse copy of them beneath their original spot. This is not a huge bug but it gives you x2 loot after you defeat a boss. Also, if you die at a boss fight, the boss dies with you.
  5. The falling area at the end of the new dungeon needs some love, it is VERY time consuming if you’re dead at the final fight and run naked with passive vitality health regen only to wait minutes to recover some health to survive the fall and get your equipment back.

Hope this list helps. Let’s expand on it.

Cheers and happy birthday to my favorite game of all times!


Problem is funcom keeps asking us to make single topic bug reports so players can add more to each seperate bug report and not make a long mixed thread of it.
Not trying to be rude or anything but also
a lot of the issues you are reporting already have several threads going about them in all three platform bug areas.


This will definitely help. (I hope)
Sad truth of the matter is all these bugs and more have been reported since the new dungeon released on testlive.

It looks like they just ignored the reports and went ahead with pushing it out on live?
Lets just hope they have some hotfix almost ready to rock with all the feedback the devs received through testlive…

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Players on my private server experience rendering issues since the update of yesterday.
The camp north of the Black Galleon did not have tents and cages and such rendered for a long time, although the player wndered through the area and the NPCs were all there.
In his case he could not walk through the places where the items were supposed to be.

I myself experienced similar, but a bit different: We have a small bridge in the volcano to get to the Well of Skelos easily. When the other player and I came out of the well, I only saw torches floating in the air, but for the other player everything rendered correctly. he guided me to the place where the stairs to the bridge would be, but my character did NOT escalate on the stairs! I would have walked into the lava if I had not stopped at the last moment, thus I have the suspicion that for me not even the mesh of the stairs was there.

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Most of these bugs have already been reported in separate treads. And yes, that’s what we are asked to do.
But i know, and most bugs made it over and are well known.
They’re hardly working on these bad climb bug making people unable to climb out of caves and such.

Let’s hope there will be a hotfix soon for most.


Hey @Hectus

Thanks for your feedback, but please bear with us asking to create a different thread for each issue (if it hasn’t been reported recently) so our team can track each report better. Here’s a quick set of instructions that would help us enormously if followed properly:

Also, and unfortunately, as others have already pointed out, we’re aware of most of these issues. Our team is working on a hotfix that will aim to address most of them: No ETA yet but we aim to release it as soon as possible.


Hi there Ignasis,

Thank you for the reply. I will surely follow these instructions when I got the time.

Have a nice day


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