Bugs so far this latest patch

1.) Cannot throw gaseous orbs…at all.
2.) Still get disconnected if you use a bandage and switch to a weapon before the regeneration is complete.
3.) the regeneration from bandages goes away if you swith off the bandage to anything else in your hotbar
3.) cannot place doors after latest patch
4.) Cannot farm materials from humans for mitra(Not sure on other religions)
5.)Random items still disappearing from base(I lost another furnace today)
6.)Thralls randomly try and follow you around the base and need constantly to be moved back to their original spot
7.)Elevators work now…but can’t place them
8.)Random bug where stamina doesn’t deplete at all…basically giving you infinite sprint or attack(Unsure what causes this bug but swapping weapons/jumping/ or falling resets it)

That’s all i have personally seen so far but i’m sure there is more.