A number of Bugs in Latest Update (PC)

April 19 &20 - problems found in testlive latest patch as follows:

  1. when I equip a torch and it breaks my left arm remain in the same torch carrying position. Same if you try to swim while carrying torch.

  2. when I entered the new merchant city and went into the pub the dances triedto attack me. I had done nothing to provoke this. When I approached the Hyborian trader with the big back pack same problem, he attacked me which also caused archers to attack me. I did not defend myself or provoke them. I did not have any silver coins in my invnetory if that matters.

  3. when I destroy my building i do not get very much material back, perhaps this is intentional but you may want to check.

  4. at Swagger Rock a player reported falling thru the ground and respawning on the start highway with all his equipment.

  5. it was reported that a player could not access the Black Ice Forge to make items

  6. Still have a problem with being unable to return to global after entering local chat. Can go from local to Clan but not back to global. Tried everything.

  7. cant harvest human flesh with a yog cleaver

  8. loot bags that drop in the water cannot be accessed

  9. located an underwater base at The Breach with an underwater door. No name appears when you examine the door and a repair hammer reveals nothing when you examine the door or foundations.

Hope these help.