Bugs after new update 1.28 ps4

Ok after new update 1.28 there are a number of bugs like lagging crashes. One that has stop me playing till fixed is when I die it’s not giving me no spawn options just spawns me in desert then crashes when I die again on loading screen. I have lost very good stuff due to this and got me very angry. Wen can we see fixes

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Hey there,

We are sorry you’re experiencing issues with the game at the moment. Could you be more specific with each issue? Regarding the lagging crashes, is your game lagging and then it makes you crash? You lag until you crash? Is it happening during solo play, online, PVP, PVE…?
Regarding the respawning in the desert issue, do you happen to have a bed close to the Cursed Wall? Otherwise, could you be more ellaborate about that issue as well?

On a sidenote, I am moving this thread to the PS4 Issues subforum, just for tidiness stuff :slight_smile:


I play pvp and the bugs after the update is awful…

  • It lags so much when we die now that it spawns us in the desert, not giving us the option to spawn at bed.
  • Every single time you try to place an item and want to rotate it i.e, your character either kicks or punches and will only let you rotate when in a combat posture. Its really, really, really annoying…
  • Your body still dissapears after you die.

I also died (pvp ps4 ) and no option to wake at my bed,just at the desert !

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Regarding the respawning on bed issues, were your beds placed in an open. unobstructed area? Or is it placed up next to a wall or big-sized object?

Regarding the issue about attacking while in building mode, we are aware of that issue and it’s being checked.


Hey , my bed was on top of my foudations , right at the side of my pet pen , both without roof covers .


Hey Ikki,

Has this bug happened to you before? If so, did it happen on the same bed or a different one?


Sorry for the delay in reply Ignasis .

This only happen today after the updated. I will be able to play more this evening ( I am from Brazil ) so I can try to reproduce this to see if it will happen again.

Thanks ( Obs: the game is great ).

something similar is happening to me, pvp server.
if you die, which happens a lot just moving about because of LAG.
you have about 1 second to choose your respawn point, it used to be more.
at least i don’t have to worry about lagging into the lava anymore,
since your devs nerfed every reason to go to the volcano.
Again. . .

I’ve got a bug on my co-op server where my animals after taming and Thralls despawn after reloading the game and admin spawning them back doesn’t wort either.

I have a bug. Crafting t3 building pieces provide zero experience gain. Private server, PVP happens on pict pieces or reinforced stone. doesn’t make a difference if its in hotbar or from craft menu.

Very annoying as in this RP server Im a crafter and there is vanilla settings for exp.

Good thing from the update is when dropping items from stacks it ask for a quantity now, so easy splitting

Hey again!

Thank you very much Ikki, please do keep me updated on this issue!

Hi MadwolfMick, could you provide a few extra tidbits of info about this issue? Is that server local hosted or online? Has ithappened now after the update or did it happen before? Any extra piece of information you can provide is of incredible help.

Hi SpiralWave,
We are aware of this issue and are looking into it. Thank you for reporting it. If it is possible, could you see if there is any other pieces that do not reward you that sweet sweet XP? It will be incredibly helpful for us. Thanks again!


Yes I play PvP it constantly large regardless of time or place. And I have one bed in my house it’s walled and has a roof. When i die for what ever reason I don’t get the option of were to redrawn it just respawns me in desert. Then I kill myself and it respawns me in my bed.

It crashes sometimes when I die and it’s on loading screen to redrawn me.

Hope that’s more clear

Lagging is worse wen trying to go down a cliff I died 5 times in 3 mins because I fall and it would lady so I couldn’t grab the wall

Hey again,

Just to see where the issue could reside, would it be possible for you to place the bed in a spot that is not surrounded by anything? Is your building 1 story or taller?

Is that happening on an official server or a private one? If it’s official, could you give me the name of such server?


having to test bed placement seems odd at this point. feels like CS has no clue what Quality Control can and is able to do. get your QA/QC people on the issue maybe?

i too have this issue and thought it maybe my fault having the bed to close to “something” and tested it. it always fails now! if the game lets me place the bed then it should work as a way-point always. if the game cant spawn me on the bed then it should try to spawn me 5/10/20 meters away. or at least give an error saying the bed was not paced in a spot that it can function…

Hey there. ( sorry if write something wrong ).

Just to report my yesterday experience:

If i die i wake at the desert with no option to choose my bed.
If i remove my bracelet i wake at my bed , sometimes at by slleping bag.

When i try to place something and rotate it , my character enters at a fighting position , when I try again it works normally.

The beers near asagarth are with infinite health and just keep looking at me while i hit them.

Lagging when going down a cliff impossible to grab anything

I notice some effects when my sword hits the ground its great .
The new jump actions are great
Looting from tanner station without acess its inventory is a 6 months desire.

One last thing : please longer decay time for holidays.

Oh I am playing at official server 3985 .

Thank you Ikki for the feedback provided.