Random Death upon logging in/ not able to interact

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Performance]
Region: [East Coast USA]

So today upon trying to log into one of the official servers (#3505 PVE) my character was spawned into the desert dying from thirst, and apparently/obviously died after I logged out last night (in my base/fully fed and hydrated). I can deal with this issue considering I can hopefully go back to my body where I logged out last night and retrieve my stuff…wrong! Not only can I not get my stuff back, but when I died (from thirst in the desert I was put in after logging out) I spawned at my bed…that lagged me to the first floor of my base, wouldn’t allow me to go up the stairs, and now I cannot interact with anything.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Fellow 3505’er here. I also am glitching through buildings and having the same issues. Have not found a solution yet! I’ll let ya know if we do figure it out.


Thanks brother! I really like this game so I’m hoping they get these bugs fixed quickly to make it consistently playable.

I couldn’t agree more! This game is amazing so far and I’m excited to continue playing.

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Seems to be working today so far!!!

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I dont know if you were just affected by the purge like we were, but I froze because of lag spikes twice and I’ve been kicked three times this evening when a lag spike would hit. The glitching is all working out though thankfully.