Bugs after new update 1.28 ps4

The lag now is unbearable. Just by running around, every 10- 15 sec the game freezes for about 1-2 seconds then catches up again. Its lile a lagspike thats happening constantly. Happened after hot fix.

Thank you for your feedback Svippis. Could you also post it on this thread we started to keep an eye on performance issues?


Yes I have tried that. The issue seems to be when I’m killed if I commit suicide it spawns me at my bed or gives me a 2 second choice to pick. It is on ps4 official server and not just mine my friends report same thing on theirs. Lagging is the major issue as I said before climbing down a cliff or wall is impossible untill you fix it. And I to have seen animals and npcs stand there and let me attack them.
And in regards to negative comments don’t forget funcom isn’t a massive company and it’s the support and feed back we give them that helps improve the game. Atleast there asking and helping unlike massive company’s that take your money then if not your feed back.

Hi again Scarydog,

We have started a thread to report performance issues on the PS4. It would be of incredible help for us if you could post there the lagging issues you’re mentioning. If you could also provide a video of those issues in action, that would be doubly fantastic (capturing from the PS4 record function is fine, for instance).


fighting exp in Asgard has dropped by half it seems.

I didn’t notice anything else.

I tried to place a bed roll in my thrall camp near Black galleon and it says land is already claimed, its my camp so I should be able too place it.

Official server PVP PS4

My game has a Character Bug. When I logged in after update my character has no Weapon or Shield slot.

Hey there again Exiles,

Would it be possible if any of you who are experiencing issues regarding spawning on beds could try this? Once you die, does waiting a few seconds let you select the bed to spawn in?


I found that if I’m killed then I get no choice just straight to desert but if I kill my self then I get to pick were to spawn

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why do the players have to test this? dont you guys have a PS4 to test it? did i bought a full price title to become a cheap beta tester? you could see 90% of the bugs and issues we are experiencing if you play the game for 30 minutes. the last update fixed a few bugs and brought us a lot more… and now we have to wait a couple of weeks/months for the next update…

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We do have such equipment, although we want to make sure to collect as much information as possible before sending it up to our devs so they can reproduce it internally and thus they can evaluate which is the cause so it can be acted upon. Usually the feedback we get is very general, which makes the act of hunting for the problem at its root quite daunting.
No matter how general or specific the feedback we get, we still report it to the devteam, but it is usually those reports that are pinpoint-specific that get fixed easily.

Hope that brought some light to my reasons of asking for very specific information and, then again, we truly appreciate any feedback we can get.

Cheers! :smiley:


Same feeling i have, its like we’re playing on a test server… Does FC not have their own players on test servers? Game is 7 months old on ps4, most games solve their problems when they occur, and alot of your problems with Conan that was an issue in May, is still a problem that doesnt seem like you guys care about, i.e. corpses dissapearing… And the bug/problems just seem to blossom… Not a fun game to play these days…

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TO follow up on @Ignasis message.
In general, Devs only have so many testers. And to ask the testers to play enough to gather data that thousands can is ridiculous. testers test out scenarios, one given to them by the devs, ones they think up themselves, and ones pulled from this forum. That is how they find and replicate problem. But every server is unique, so the more info they have from multiple platforms, server types, internet connections etc. the more likely the internal test can replicate, and hopefully the issue diagnosed and fixed.

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I do completely agree you you are feedback helps… But saying this I can no longer do YouTube vids on conan or play it as frustration with spawning constantly in desert and lagging of cliffs and now losing all my good stuff that tools hours and week to get like unique weapons are gone so will say untill it’s fixed I won’t be playing

I’m assuming this is the update I’ve just done and I thought I couldn’t equip any weapon at all, but seems that if you wait almost a minute then they do equip. This isn’t a lag thing, either, because I can still move around fine while I’m waiting.

Also, most, if not all chests in New Asagarth shows ups as blank when you open them. It dont show it has inventory, or slots, its just a black box, no matter how many time one open and close it.

they usually look that way if someone took the stuff and walked away with the lid left open. destroy the chest or wait for server reset

I doubt anyone looted it, its been like this for days and im about the only one online on this server in the week days, only me and my mate on. Plus it started happening after latest update, never before.

There is currently a massive game breaking bug since after the patch on our server 3600(pvp)[ps4]. for atleast 6-10 hours a day no player can deal damage or mine any nodes. everything is immune to this tier of damage. what does WORK are EXPLOSIVES and GOD DAMAGE. this obviously is a massive problem that has been going on every day since the last patch came out.

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But you should be excited. you get to watch dirt or snow fly up when you harvest. This is much more exciting than actually playing the game.