Some Issue's with the latest Patch

I’m playing a Singleplayer Map at the Moment.
I have ran into some issue’s with the latest patch.

Thralls that i’ve broken and want to place dont show up where i want to place them.
First when i placed them they show up and most of the Time not even in the Place where i pointed.

The other mind-boggling issue i have is that on my current Fort i cant seem to place two triangle Ceiling Parts pretty much in the Center of a Room.
No matter how many Pillars or Walls i put below they dont whant to be placed.
The Error Messages say somthing like: that i would block my Spawn or need’s to be adjacent to another Part.
This bugs me so much. :frowning:

And i hate to be that guy, but did the Body Physics got cut? Sometimes they work but then after a while they “diminish” by a large amount.

Since the Hotfix on Friday all “Thrall’s” that i knock out and want to bring Home vanish somewhere in the Ground.


Sorry for my bad English, not my mother-tongue