Server browser issues after Update 2.0

Since these imbeciles can’t do squat to this game without ■■■■■■■■ it up? Every since Siptah my server selection screen is trash. My favorites are still marked but don’t show up in the favorites selection. I tried to unfavorite and favorite again and still the same problem. Every time I select the sever selection window it transports my server selection box down to the damn middle of the server list and I have to scroll all the way back up to my private server. I’m sick of this kind of nuisance bullcrap that only a moron would screw up when updating or patching a game. Absolute ridiculous, useless, needless, unnecessary, illogical screw up.

Is there a fix or work around for this crap?

Hey there,

The developers are working on server browser improvements and fixes.

This issue has been reported more often, but thank you for noting what you have tried to fix it. This will help others understand the issue.

This issue is one I’ve personally not heard of much. Could you try switching between playing windowed and fullscreen while in the server browser and in between sessions?

See also: Upcoming features on the wiki for more information.

Be sure to read the [PC] Conan Exiles Bug Report Guidelines. Guidelines can be found :pushpin: pinned at the top of the related (sub)forum.

I have moved this thread to the PC bugs subforum, as it provides an issue report. I’ve also changed the title of this thread to make it more descriptive. Your thread will be seen regardless.

Crios, simply sort your server list by Level.



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