Bugs after the newest patch fix

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bugs
Server type:pve server-official 1010
Region: Europe

So after this new patch. All thralls in benches freeze after some time and stay frozen or stand differently in the bench. Its some kind of visual bug.

While crafting flawless sets and comparing the heat/cold resistance it is the same as ordinarly set and when i checked online it is not supposed to be like that. Flawless sets should have more resistance than normal set. For expample heavy set, zamorian thief set. Flawless should have more than ordinary resistance but it does not.

When you fight mobs anywhere and try to roll to move from them it bugs you out like there is wall behind you but there is nothing behind you at all and you cant move away from them it drains your stamina and the mob can kill you pretty fast. It happens no matter how many of them there are on you and even if i relog the game etc…Also seems like combo on some mobs is bugged when they use spears and any other weapon they keep combo and you cant interupt at all.

Another thing i noticed that in Sepermeru there are named mobs Plunderer,Thug,Prowler and Bandit leader. None of them can not be knocked out and before the patch it was available.

Thralls disappear when you knock them out. After a while when you return they are there. Also mobs you kill disappear and can not be looted right away but if you come back in time sometimes they are there.

Thralls and animals-enemy-hostile ones follow you and do not stop at all. Mostly wolves, hyenas.Also noticed it with thralls and mobs.

Thrall that follows you, a fighter almost never attacks your target and runs to the other side and attacks something else or just stands next to you doing nothing.

Spawn rate for T3 and 4 thrall seems to be messed up.While farming them at certain places where they should spawn there is none at all for hours and some of them spawn duble on certain places.
Fighters and archers spawn a lot but armorers, smelters,tanners, cooks spawn very rarely. Some of them have not spawn for days. Armorer in sepermeru. Armorer in north camps near asgard and those camps. Armorers T4 in jungle also.

When you emote with your character like laugh and dance that used to have sound not it does not at all.There are no sounds when you use any emote with your character.

Before writing this to you I have allready checked all my settings and refreshed all my folders. Even tried to reinstall the game but nothing worked so I believe most of these are truly bugs.

Could you please check the spawn rates and some of the above. It is just the thing i have noticed by playing a lot for like week in a row when i had a lot of free time. Thank you in advance. I really love this game and I hope you keep adding new and interesting stuff an also look forward to bug fixes.

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Hey @Selene1993

Welcome to our community.
Thanks for the feedback, although it would be incredibly helpful to us if you could split each issue into its own thread so we can keep better track of it?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the rest of them, but Bandit Leader was changed intentionally a while ago. I assume the others were done for the same reason.

This is just RNG. It’s not something the average player see’s on the back end, but I can assure, they are working. I check every update and send a report out on stuff I find when I do for my Tier 4 Thrall Mod Updates.

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Okay. I will check it out and do it tonight. Thank you

I have to confirm the freezing of the thralls in their workstations. The worksations are functioning as intended although. While @Selene1993 is playing Vanilla on official PVE I am playing on a private modded PVE Server but we observe the same problem. Affected are every workstations (vanilla and modded ones)

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