Client freezing (crashing) often. Appears thrall-related

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

Latest build of the game. Online official. Game client will freeze every ten minutes or so (happened twice so far). Not doing anything special: building sandstone foundations. This did not happen on TestLive.

Edited with further information (though I’m sure FC knows it):

It appears to be connected with thralls - specifically KO’ing and/or dragging them by a rope. It doesn’t happen instantly when doing so, but a variable (short) length of time later.

Not sure if thralls are the only instance of this problem or if the same/a similar one exists for other activities.

Character appears to continue in whatever they were doing at the time after the client freezes, and will happily continue running over a cliff.


Yeah. This is happening to me too. I’m unable to fix the situation without basically restarting my entire machine as there’s no way for me to close the Conan Exiles “window” so that I can close the application manually.

If this is what everyone is experiencing Funcom has a pretty major problem on their hands.

As it stands, once I get my avatar back to my base I’ll be logging into my base to prevent decay and playing other games.

I love this game but I do not have any patience for this specific type of failure mode.

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Ctrl-Alt-Delete -> task manager has done the job for me - still almost invariably ends in a dead character as they seem to keep existing in the game world until you reconnect (which can take a while especially with the server browser even slower than before)

Yeah. I think part of my problem is that I’m running dual screens, and so the game gets very very confused and I’m not able to minimize or hide it. I just see a black screen that I can’t really interact with. I can then attempt to open task manager in my other window but windows still wants to open that application in the window that CE was previously running in. shrug

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So am I though. Oh well.

You can try Windows key+shift+left/right arrow (whichever screen isn’t black). Might help, might not.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll give that a try the next time it happens.

I got my toon back to my base after the last freeze. So now I’ll be playing other games until I get the sense from monitoring the forums that something has changed for the better.

One funny thing I noted though. After the last freeze, I was able to log back in and I had NOT died. However, I’d frozen while attempting to drag a thrall and I noticed that my leather binding had completely worn down.

So, although I was completely disconnected, my toon was apparently standing there on the server with an unconcious thrall attached to my binding.

Game freezes 5 times already. First time was heading back to base, other 4 times was when I was towing a thrall and heading back to my wheel. The game seems to continue in the background which means I have died due to falling off a cliff. Before the 5th time I had been using it for about 30 mins then tried to got a thrall and it froze within 1 minute. Re-spawned in Khaels stronghold when I died in the jungle.


I was locking up constantly when I was trying to do a wild surge. Dragging the thrall was freezing the game up. Once I said screw that thrall I was able to ride back to my base without crashing.

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We have the same issue. We was doing surge at a shrine, and always after equipping chain, connecting it to KO npc we froze. Some times could close conan with taskmanager, but we also had issues that bad that we could only turn off pc coz nothing worked anymore. Absolutely gamebreaking bug, hope you fix it asap. Also happened with chain equipped and trying to open the map.

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I am seeing the same issue, however for me the game froze when i tried to unbind the thrall.

During my first freeze there were several unconscious thralls nearby and I was going into my inventory to equip my bonding. In my second freeze I was dragging a thrall I had captured from a different wild surge.

It’s terrible this is happening but at least I know it’s not just me.

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Come to think of it I might also have been dragging thralls prior to it happening. It doesn’t seem to be happening immediately but sometime after.

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I definitely wasn’t dragging a thrall the first time it happened.

Any interaction with a thrall below a wild surge I freeze.



client Freezes sound is playing it hapens any time only way out is to kill it in task manager .
I tried everithing reinstal whole game integrity check change display mode crashes are random but very frequent.

r5 3500x
32GB DDR4 3200
RX 5700 XT

yes game totally unplayable, crashing, freezing, offi pvp 6004

why the hell again releasing a major update so fast without serious testing ???, sometine when i try to join server after a freeze it ask me to recreate char… so i have to quit and launch several time the game

Crashing here too, on official server. This is so ridiculous. They really need to focus on fixing things that are actually severely broken instead of introducing new bugs.

Game FREEZING randomly, sometimes after two steps, sometimes opening menu, map … just randomly!

exactly totaly random but very frequent

confirmed here too, totally randomly, even on screen to join server