Client freezing (crashing) often. Appears thrall-related

Happening to all of us on official server: drag a thrall and freeze. Funnily enough after numerous relogs I got one back to the wheel, put it in the wheel and stopped the freezing. Also noticed the sounds get muffled and you don’t hear all the sound effects. Also the icons in inventory disappear especially for the items used in knocking out and dragging a thrall.

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Yup unplayable. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Thrall drag freeze here too on official server. Was all excited to try the wild surge after update. Sigh.


same problem here.
official server

Froze here 7-8 times, mostly attempting to drag T2-T3 thrall from wild surge. Once trying to equip leather bindings.

Could bring up task manager but not alt-tab to it or go to it after using Windows key. Fastest way out was to log out as user (single user machine, but faster than a restart.

Read about freezing problems. Logged in, seemed to be fine, froze after a while. Logged back in to put my stuff in the logout chest and I’ll be waiting for the hotfix before I go back to playing.

On the bright side, this’ll give me time to see what Outer Worlds is like. And who knows, maybe I’ll finally get over my Conan Exiles addiction and make my life more productive…

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I’ve had 7-8 freezes, all around KO’d thralls. Some were when I tried to bind them and appear to have happened when I had the “bind” popup window open. One was when I opened the looting window around other KO’d thralls. Twice were when I was dragging a thrall back home and opened the map or escape menu.

I’ve got two monitors and had to reboot the first two times since I couldn’t get another process into the graphical foreground to kill CE, but after that I opened (and left open) Task Manager on my second monitor and I’ve been able to simply kill the process when it stops responding.

what this means testlive is not the exact same enviroment as live server. or noone ever went to do surges in test live. there are soo many little issues (beside this one that is COMPLETELY critical) i expect a hotfix tomorrow addressing this one. …now with the experience of this patch and considering the history behind CE patches… is it really important to have testlive,. when the critical stuff always pops when it goes to live servers?

Task manager options “Always on top”, then you can force close it.

I can’t say for sure if it happened on TestLive because it appears to happen when (or soon after) dragging thralls, and I didn’t try that there. I didn’t expect there to be any changes to that system after all.

IMO yes, but it’s a difficult position to hold when stuff like this keeps slipping through.

I dragged thralls around on testlive. Nothing like this happened. OTOH, on Testlive, I was running single-player admin on a mostly-empty server. It’s entirely reasonable for errors that occur on live to be missing on the test build simply b/c it’s difficult-to-impossible to get the same level of server stress.

What I didn’t do on testlive was wild surges or dragging thralls for more than a gridsquare. The last wild surge I did on live I didn’t crash at the surge itself, and I managed to drag one of the thralls about a gridsquare before I crashed. I crashed 3 times more dragging the thrall to my wheel, and covered ~3-4 gridsquares of total distance. I absolutely did not drag anything anywhere near that far on Testlive.

My two crashes happened as I was slotting my binding to pick up a knocked out thrall and about ten seconds after I started dragging a newly captured thrall. It’s very random.

Very true. However when the problem occurred for me yesterday, the first thing I did afterwards was turn on debugHUD - we had 8 players online and a steady ServerFPS of 30 (which is a very rare thing in itself, it’s usually <20 sfps). So if those were accurate, the server wasn’t struggling.

This is happening to everyone on our small privately rented server. Doesn’t seem to be related to server stress, as it was still happening with only 2 people on.
For everyone on, it only happened when dragging a thrall, or near someone that was, I’d say within 40 to 50 tiles at a guess.
The first time I crashed, I’d got about a minute of thrall dragging done, but once I restarted I was crashing within 10 seconds or so of grabbing her every time.
When more people joined the server later in the evening, they tested this and all crashed too. Every time they touched a KO’d NPC.

confirmed, there are some nasty things going on with this hiccups

also this

I chain crashed 5 times in The Summoning Place near the altar after my follower knocked some thralls unconscious. After reloading, attempting to open my follower’s inventory crashed me. I was able to eventually leave the area with my follower after crashing 3 more times (potentially as my follower was knocking out additional targets).

My second crash was at Lian’s Watch, around 5 seconds after knocking out Lian and one other thrall. After restarting my game client, I was able to proceed to drag Lian on horseback back to my base without crashing.

Edit: Crashed again while attempting to drag a thrall south of the Forgotten City of Xel-ha (there was another unconscious thrall in the vicinity)

I am playing on an unmodded, increased rate, unofficial PVE server.

Hey there,

Apologies for the crashing issues. We’re working on an emergency hotfix to address this problem as we speak. We’re aiming to release it as soon as possible.


Just to add to this if it helps. 2/2 game freezes on putting thralls on a wheel, killed the other 2 thralls that had been knocked out, the game froze on accessing the loot bag from the first, I left the loot bag from the 2nd and it never decayed, it was still there 2 hours later. (The first 2 were killed outright and no issues accessing their loot)

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Game mode: Enter game mode here: (Online private)
Type of issue: Enter one of the following: Crash
Server type: Enter one of the following: PvE-Conflict
Region: en

I have a server and to many people report to me crash when server crash me when they are dragging thralls, i need wipe my server?