Official server: No NPC dialogue, no sound effects, Freezes frequently

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Freeze, missing dialogue, missing Sound effects.
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

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First bug:

  1. Join server
  2. Run around doing general stuff.
  3. Freeze with no clear reason for why (Was running: freeze, pulled bound thrall: Freeze, opened map: freeze)
    I have not tested if standing completely still is safe :thinking:
    How long it takes for it to freeze is quite random. Once I played for over an hour, but another time it froze 2 times in a row having only been in the game for less than 2 minutes each time.

Second Bug:
After logging in after a freeze; I spawned in the desert instead of my bedroll for some reason.(Character continues to walk into danger on server) I walked to The Sentinels on my way up to get my gear and spoke to the guy there. No vocal dialogue,(or text) but I could grab the Emote. I noticed that the game lacked several sounds, but thought it a minor bug. I jumped into the water and the game silently froze again. OH yeah. Some ambient noise was there, but I don’t remember any music

  1. Logg in after a freeze where you were in dangerous territory and apparently died.
  2. Be put in the desert.
  3. Walk to The Sentinels while pondering the lack of sound effects.
  4. Talk to the guy there an realize he is a terrible conversationalist.
  5. Jump in the water to end your suffering.

Oh. The server was #1106 PvP and I verified the game files successfully (Game on Steam)
Also forgot to mention that an NPC attacked me with an invisible bow and sword. Still hurt though…

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