Parts of building self-destruct upon restart

I’m on a private server that is very light on mods. It only uses Pippi and Unlock Plus. I built a base on the underside of the aquaduct. It uses the Stormglass building set. Pillars are embedded in the underside of the aquaduct, and the entire base is suspended from it. The problem I’m having is that four wall pieces self-destruct after every restart. The stability of those sections is 80. They are on the uppermost level of the structure, which is the first level underneath the aquaduct. There are pillars coming down, a ceiling piece attached to the pillar (which continues to extend downward), one more ceiling piece attached to that (giving it 80 stability), and then the wall piece. The wall piece above it is fine, along with the sloping roof piece attached to that one. They all attach to more ceiling tiles which attach to the pillar. This happens at four point on that level. There is the center pillar for the whole strucutre, and those fillar pillars form a square around it.

I added another ceiling piece to the wall piece above that spot, giving it additional reinforcement to the pillar. But after a server restart, those four pieces disintegrate for no logical reason. Any suggestions on how to get around it?

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Pics please of both locations and surroundings along with base and pieces of base both inside and out will go along way to help you

@Gloatingtomb6 Here is a few screenshots of my base right after a server reboot. In the one, you can see along the wall to the left and right four sections that used to be Stormglass Door Frames (I tried using Door Frames instead of Walls). They are missing. Other shots show closeups of the area, along with stability of the surrounding pieces such as floors and the wall piece above the missing component. These sections are all one space away from pillars, all which have 100% stability. Originally, there was no balcony alongside those sections. I extended the balcony in hopes it would help. They’re not supposed to disappear like that as they’re legitimate spots, but I’m not just hoping there’s something I can do to change or fool how the server views those spots so it doesn’t clear them away.

FYI, I’m in admin mode to take the pictures, but the base was built without admin capabilities (which is quite the challenge). Everything that was placed was as a typical player, with no mods to change building or placement restrictions. The only two mods are Pippi and Unlock Plus, which don’t touch those aspects of the game. I had this problem before with a previous version using Khitan pieces before we wiped. Two corners would have self-destructing wall pieces. This time it’s towards the middle.

Funcom has been alerted to this one. Might want to submit a formal report just for data collection tho.

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It happened to me too , this problem was created from a bug I suppose that didn’t stop the respawn of some stones . Still the funny thing is that it didn’t broke the foundations but the walls above only . Or in another building the respawn of the stone was visible from outside but inside nothing ,the other half of the stone was invisible :joy::joy::joy: .

I had the same problems in one of the balconies of this tower but it was a stability issue . Still the funny thing is that all the balconies had the same stability :rofl::rofl::rofl: .

It also happens in the flat savage wilds movie stage without nodes, so I think its a base level bug that came with the stability colors.

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@darthphysicist ,It must be a bug , I didn’t had these building issues before the update , still I have to mention that I had these problems only on my solo gaming and the time I was trying to fix this my console had overheating issues , so I cannot say for sure :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Thank you for the pictures now yes this happens try to place a sandstone peice instead and see if it stays or not. If it does wait 2 restart then upgrade with a t2 piece then the one you want there and see if it helps. If not leave that empty for awhile and try again later after a few restart to see if it may helps

What’s the procedure for submitting a “formal report”?

I’ll replace it with Sandstone tonight and see how it fares the 3AM restart.

When this happened with my previous build, it wouldn’t immediately self-destruct upon server reboot. I thought it did, but found out otherwise. I had logged in and was some distance away. As I approached my base and got within detail rendering distance, the corners crumbled away and fell to the ground in front of me. I’ll see if I can arrange it so I know I’m the first one approaching it, but normally there may be people on early in the morning before me, and I can’t guarantee that nobody else passes by.

What makes this type of issue odd is that everything around those single spots is fine. Floors, other wals, balconies, ceilings… all stay. Just those four parts, one block out from the pillar. The next thing I may try is to add other pillars and take away that one and see what happens. Then if the wall piece stays (and other pieces don’t disappear), add the original one back in and remove the new ones.

Here ya go.


I tried an experiment using the two different sides of the base. Whatever’s happening is happening symmetrically. On the one side, I put in a lower-tier doorframe and left the pillars as-is. Those doorframes disappeared after the restart. On the other side, I arranged the pillars. The pillars were spaced apart so that there was sufficient support between them (about 40 stability in the spaces between the staggered pillars) but sitll offering enough open space to have area to move and large workbenches. I changed the arrangement by adding a column of pillars to the left and right of each one in front of the disappearing section, and removing that original pillar. The column of pillars extended fully up to the aquaduct and down to the lower level, giving both floors full support. I put in the Stormglass doorframe and it remained after the restart.

Next I’ll try restoring one of the pillars double-pillars back to a single and see if it causes the wall to disappear again. I have no problem with the double pillars in general. They’re symmetrical and look OK from the outside. One does land in front of the staircase between the two floors, which is an annoyance. If they have to stay, then I’ll need to rearrange those stairs.

I"m trying to figure out how to post this in the report section. The devs want you to test it without mods, but I can’t turn off those two mods for the live server, especially since the mods themselves don’t touch building mechanics. Also, they ask you to list the steps taken. In this case it’s “build a base hanging underneath something and see if parts don’t stay after a restart”. Grrrrr. Here’s some pics of the results of the two sides, with one pic showing the missing lower-tier doorframe, and the other showing the new pillar placements.

Can you upload your game.db as part of the bug report already discussed on this thread? It’s a very difficult bug to replicate, so having a game.db available that has the issue (where stability should be fine, but it still breaks on server restart) would be very good.


Do you use any wedges?

The reason I ask is that I recently stumbled upon a reproducible bug that I just reported here:

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@Multigun I have no problem uploading the game.db. Do you mean in this thread? Or the bug report section? Is that allowed though? I don’t want to presume anything and go uploading a large fie for a private server onto a public forum. It’s kinda large since it’s a server game. It’s pushing 80MB if I remember correctly.

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@CodeMage I do use wedges elsewhere in the base, but they’re not attached to those pieces that go missing. They’re a few tiles over.

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A dropbox link or something like that would be fine.

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I think here it’s more a “hanging issue”.
I tried several time making hanging-bases. Sure it’s working, but again can be tricky for some par, especially when it become bigger in size.

Didn’t build hanging-base with new building-pack since.


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