Bug-delete character

the character was erased while I was playing server 1109

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I confirm…how can we solve?

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I had this twice in about 3 hours, i play and start combat with a couple NPCs and i get thrown to character creation, not even a disconnect. The same thing happens again just a couple hours after, I was playing with a clan mate and we were climbing a wall and i get thrown to character creation again.

no one answers to the staff?

there is no assistance on this game?

Could you provide more information about your problem so the staff may answer your question properly?

Are you playing official or private, solo or multi, mods (which mods) / no mods /

You probably haven’t read the “How to be a pro PC bug hunter” post. Here it is :

then use this template to edit the original post :

Game mode: : [Official/Private/etc…]
Type of issue: : Bug / exploit / etc…
Server type : PvP / PvE…
Region: :

[description of your problem]

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:



Game mode: : Official Server 1109
Type of issue: : Bug
Server type : PvP / PvE…
Character deletion during the game, main screen with character creation

Hey there,

Does this issue still persist?

Yes…there is not my character

Game mode: [Private]
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP and PvE (seems like both, I can hurt other players, but we mostly dont do that)
Region: Germany
Mods (in that order): Pippi Management, LTs Compass (Minimap), AGmods Looting and Disassembling (happened with AND without it, it created different problems as well, that have been fixed with yesterdays update), Unlock Plus (with Pickup) 1.3.4, WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain 2.0.1, WonderBody (Female Body Replacer) (NSFW), The Age of Calamitous, Exiled Lands Improved, Less Building Placement Restrictions Overlaps Edition

Description of the Problem: In the middle of playing/climbing/fighting/walking/crafting; it didnt matter what we did, but it threw ME, not my buddy who rents the server, into the character creation menu, where at the very beginning you choose male/female, and everything would be deleted, my entire inventory, character progress and also any buildings/stations ive placed.

After the second time it happened, i was North of the Mounds of the Dead investigating an AoC mod NPC camp and almost as soon as combat started I was thrown into the caracter creation, I immediately and with the help of an admin recreated the character with all slotted items, attributes and feats to try and reproduce this error. It did NOT work and only a few hours after it happened again while climbing a West-ish wall in the Unnamed City (great place^^).
Was also not reproducable.

Addition: I was just informed via the Age of Calamitous Discord, that the mod Less Building Placement Restrictions (All versions) apparently was the culprit of this happenstance. The mod has since been updated, but I will refrain from using it online again.

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but can I get my character back to level 60?

can’t you lose the character like that for a bug? can we get the character back?

for my friend jhon…

Is it possible that staff don’t care about these serious bugs?

hours and hours thrown away…thank you so much (Funcom).


at least one answer, yes/no :angry:

has recreated the character, but it has been canceled again…is an official server do you want to give assistance or not?

Hey @Battousai124

Thanks for sharing the results of your investigation.

@jhon1, @Eremita79

Do you happen to have installed or subscribed to that mod?

no mod…I ask to reinstall…

so can’t you recover the character?