Character gets deleted while entering the Dregs

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Crash | Bug ]
Region: [Europe]

Good day, technical support.

Recently i have finished the latest Conan Exiles quest “Escape from the exiled lands”
After it i created a new character on the same server with the same name (Rinny, server: official 1313)
So i got some help from m yfriends, really good descent gear and started to powerlvl by eploring the exiled lands.
When i got 40+ i decided not to waste time and get a journey quest to kill the boss in the Dregs.
When i attempted to enter the dungeon instead of loading into it i got an animation of some man with white hair (probably did not load the colors or character model correctly, also my character was female). While it was happening checked the journey log to see if the achievment of leaving the exiled lands is there: it was not.
After the animation completed it started loading a dungeon like normal. i even saw my character inside it and right after that i get a screen of creating a new character (selecting sex, race and so on). After reloading the game the bug occures… like my character was deleted from the server. I am not finishing the creation because my character can still be there… you know taking 40+ takes at least 3-4 hours of oyur time normally even if you run fast and i also lost all equipment. Kinda critical bug. And yeah i did not reproduce it again… want it to be fixed and my character restored.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. (Optional) wait a week after official release for the devs to finish the one and only main quest in the game (place an altar at Chaosmouth)
  2. Finish “Escape the exiled lands” journey
  3. Create the new character with the same nickname on the same server
  4. (Optional) Waste half of the day to get equipment and lvl 40+
  5. Enter the Dregs to see some white haired barbarian leaving the exiled lands and get your character deleted (twice in one day :smiley: )

My friend just had nearly the same experience, only it was after using a map room. Seems like maybe the load screen is the trigger.

Has it happen to you since? Had you logged off at all after removing the bracelet? My friends had it happen without logging out of the server or the game. Wondering if a server reboot it just client reboot would avoid the issue.

EDIT: My friend did not use the same name. So this element is not a part of the issue.

Just had this happen to me as well. bit of a gutter losing all my gear and 30 levels