Everything is bugged!

Game mode: [Online \ Unofficial-modded]
Type of issue: [performance, bug]
Server type: [pve]
Region: [North America-US]

This last update has buggered the whole game up. the NPCs are twitchy, bosses sometimes don’t even know/acknowledge they are being attacked and their health doesn’t drop. My toon will glitch where I’ll try to move and rubberband back into place like I’m stuck, even though I’m clearly NOT. And don’t get me started on the crafting or transferring stuff from inventories!

I don’t know what you guys did, but wow… just… WOW.

Thats NOT a compliment, btw. Sorry.

Hi sansaronas, and welcome to the forums!

As you’re saying that you play on a modded unofficial server, these major issues you’re reporting may be caused by outdated mods. Every time the game is updated, many mods become out of date and need to be updated in order to be compatible with the newest official build.

Can you list the mods that are in use on your server?

Hey @sansaronas

Please use this template to report any issue with the game:

If playing in a server with mods, please follow @Kapoteeni’s kind suggestion.