Increase in resource requirements

So I was checking in on my game and went to look at my crafting tables since I’ve had some issues with them working properly, clicked on a weapon and realized that s skinning knife now requires 125 iron bars to make, I started looking at other weapons and all of them require either 125 iron or steel bars to make, seems a little excessive, wondering if this was part of the update? I also noticed it with Armor as well, all the resource requirements seem to have doubled

Single player, PVE, offline, no mods

Sounds like a visual bug. Could you add a screenshot, please?

If you want to, you may ask @Ignasis to move this to the pc bug subforums (and then not to forget replying to it :grin:)

Also, is this an official server, a private server, or single-player/co-op? Any mods you’re using?

I’m not sure if I have upload privileges yet, I contacted Ignasis to find out. Sorry I work a lot of hours so it takes a little while for me to respond.

Single player offline, I disabled the few mods I had right after the update.

To make the specifics complete, could you edit your top post and fill in the following template from How to be a pro PC bug hunter (PLEASE READ)?

Hey @Ignasis,

Could you move this to the pc bug subforums please?

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