Argos Cosmetic Issue

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I noticed a shadow abnormality when building with the Argos pack. The Vaulted Ceiling Corner (Single) has a weird shadow in the corner I tried to add a closer light more light hang a light then found an invisible block in it. I also noticed the vaulted ceiling looks like a wall but it actually a ceiling but the collision prevents placement of a wall after the ceiling is there.
The steps from the arena pack have the same problem.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Build a wall
  2. Put a Argosian Vaulted Ceiling corner on it
  3. Observe the weird shadow
  4. Observe the invisible block. I made a video so you can see it

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I think this is something they’ve already fixed in the testlive branch. I’m not sure about the corner piece, though.

Good demonstration of the problem, that’s certainly weird alright!

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So there are several, mostly minor, issues you highlighted in your video.

  1. The shadow thing is probably a texture bake of the lighting. It looks slightly out of place, but it’s pretty standard in 3D modeling practices to bake in shadows to help with performance.

  2. The floating braziers/your character climbing funny is due to what’s called “collisions” being different from what the player see’s. Collision tells the game how a player can interact with something when they run into it, or try and place something on the surface. Relatively minor issue, but if I were to fix that, I would use the same collisions from the Arena version to address that.

  3. Order of operations for placing a wall, followed by the Argos vaulted Ceiling. This has to do with various overlap checks the game has in place to prevent abuse. There are ways to fix that, but its dependent on if setting certain overlap exceptions won’t lead to further abuse (the game has a history of PvPers using loose overlap exceptions to exploit the game in a variety of ways). Takes very little “effort” to add in new overlap exceptions, but due to PvPers and exploiting, great care must be considered by Funcom when doing so.

  4. Arena stairs blocking walls. Same thing as number 3, except the game already has overlap exceptions for stairs and walls and has for some time. Could be just those stairs aren’t picking up their parent blueprint class correctly, or otherwise is missing that exception for whatever reason. Should be fixed to be consistent with how the rest of the game uses stairs and walls though.

In terms of what Funcom would like you to do, is to have you create a new thread for each individual issue, rather then having the video be linked that rattles off several issues in one thread. So this is thread number 1, which talks about the shadow stuff. Then you need to make 3 more to talk about the other issues you highlight for each individual problem. You can read more about what they would like from players here.

With that said, thank you for taking the time to highlight these issues, even if they are relatively minor. Keep up the good work.


I noticed this as well . The inside of the roof actually is flat.
So I made this set of stills, moving left to right looking at the roof to demonstrate it

It’s clear the game is juggling with textures to emulate profile. I see how this may help reduce the number of triangles, but in this case it doesn’t have an appealing result.

Hey @LBigheadM

Thanks for the feedback. As mentioned above, some of the issues have been fixed on Testlive. We’ll send note to our team about the ones that have been not and we might not be aware of.


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