Arena walls visually glitch through ceilings placed above

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvP
Region: Europe

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  1. Place down arena walls
  2. Place ceilings on either side of the wall.

Arena walls don’t play nicely with about any type of ceiling placed above them and visually glitch through the seams. This is harshly the case with other types of ceilings but even Arena ceilings show that issue (if to a smaller extent)

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Hey @Subtext

Welcome to our community and thanks for your feedback.
Just before we relay it to our team, since you mention you play in a private server: do you have any mods installed?

I noticed this as well, no mods involved (official server and all that jazz). Didn’t try with other “building sets” yet, but as OP says, even the Arena floor pieces do this a little bit.

Clarification: I noticed it when placing ceilings above the “vault” pieces, not the walls. But it’s probably the same or a similar issue.

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Thanks for the confirmation @Mikey. Relaying it to our team.

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