BUG - attempt to destroy ceiling tile, destroys neighboring ceiling tiles instead

Game mode: Online Private Server
Type of issue: Building – attempt to destroy tile, destroys neighboring tiles instead
Server type: PVP
Region: America

*** BUILDING BUG / 2018-08-19
This is a new bug, but I’m attempting to destroy a ceiling tile in my base.
Instead, the game randomly picks a neighboring ceiling tile and destroys it instead.
Right now, it is destroying ceiling tiles 6-tiles away from the one I’m looking at.
There is no sequential pattern as to which tile the game decides to destroy… hopping all over the place around this 1 tile.
One consistency… it is destroying other ceiling tiles of the same level; not above/below current floor.

I had to destroy ALL tiles supporting this one ceiling tile which finally destroyed it.
I was able to build in the same spot with another tile without issues.

As of right now, I have been unable to reproduce this bug in solo/god mode.


maybe grabing a repair-hammer, looking at the stability of the buildings and ceilings all around hat been an usefull information.

Also you speak about god-mod in SP, but don’t state what mod you used on server while destroy your ceilings. Looks to me like a stability issue. But hard to tell with that few details.

It is not a stability issue and i dont see anything that might lead to such a conclusion. He refers to God-MODE not MOD, so he doesn’t have to state anything.

It is a very very rare Bug, it happend to a friend on an offical server once but neither he nor i was able to reproduce it. It seems thats the reference of the tile that was to be destroyed was somehow corrupt and pointed to a different tile. He was able to destroy it six times, everytime destroying a different tile of the same type nearby until it was finally gone (here it was a foundation).

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i’m also refering to god-mod or admin-mod, because with delete command bad stuff can happen.

And still repair-hammer may give some information, the game handling sometimes stuff realy strangly.
I understand that this appears as a rare bug, still good be able to track it down if possible. So the more infos we can gather the better.
And of course, pictures are still helpfull to see the situation better. There so different thing that can go wrong or interfer with buildings.

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