Elevators are Cactus

So as the topic suggests, I’m reporting that vertical lifts are finally useless.

Footnote: as an Australian I call them “lifts” so within this babbling, insert elevator when you see the word lift, it may make more sense.

First they were horrendously slow. Secondly you would pull the flush-chain and the lift would flat out not move till you pulled and pulled and pulled again (whilst making the sound that is was in fact moving thus fooling your to waste you time waiting for it). Then our followers died while trying to warp to us when we were on them or just as bad, warped next to us on the lift’s platform and nudged us to our demise. They reset back to the top position when you leave render range of them. Sometimes you would fall right through the lift’s platform for no reason… and now they just flat out don’t work most of the time. Seriously, not at all.

Are we seeing the beginning of a phase out?
Were lifts wrong to put in so now they are getting more bugs to ween us off using them?

Conspiracy theory or just not enough people using and reporting that they are a terrible mode of upward motivation and it’s actually easier to climb…

Thoughts? Inferences?

A few moments after posting this I gave up on my lift refusing to go up from it’s lowered position and decided to take another route, when I moved off the lowered platform I instantly teleported to the top of the lift…frustratingly convenient.


Hey there,

Could you post an in-detail thread on the PC bug subforum, please? (See How to be a pro PC bug hunter (PLEASE READ) and Conan Exiles Community Guidelines - please read)

Try some of the workarounds suggested in this post and this comment.

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Similar issues have not been reported since February.

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Ive always looked at elevators as a fluff item so never minded the slowness. I just enjoy the ride and view.


Hi & thanks :slight_smile: ,

I’m well aware of posts already describing the multitude of bugs on lifts, from fully descriptive to abusive rants.
I’ve also been playing long enough to know most of the “work arounds” and alternative options.

I was just hoping to enter a discussion on long term mechanics that are in place but still don’t work or get attention like they probably should given the time since their introduction.

I don’t want to start an argument, just get thought on which bugs or QoL items get looked at over others.

(Edit)…I was pointed out that I should mention the use of the word “Cactus” in the post title. In Australia that means it is dead with no chance of resurrection.


Myself also.
My elevators are usually decorated with a menagerie of entertainment for the painfully slow trip up or down.


Lifts have been such a pain or deadly to use since release that I always avoid using them where possible.

The constant chain pulling without response, thrall deaths, falling through them, being nudged off them. I’m sure we’ve all experienced the joy of being close to the top and having another player pull the lever. For me, they truly are the opposite of QoL.

Perhaps this is the plan? Make us hate them so much that we rejoice when they are removed from the game.


I avoid them at all costs.
So many OH&S violations.
They are a law suit waiting to happen.



Never really used them for much out of anything…small?

By Dam, I have one to go up middle, were I had my Altar facing south.

Another not far from Black gallon, to get across gap.

One one each game is not far south of Lake telith, to get down to basin from my home, so I dont have to go all way west.

Couple spots in Volcano I use sideways one, Thats fairly end game…

They seemed kinda pointless for small 2-3 levels of up and down since your way faster. XD

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I definitely don’t like the fact that they go back up when you leave render and they could be sped up a touch.


Give elevators a thrall slot. I want a thrall that stands in a little red suit, then another one that helps to pull the chain. The more thralls you stack on chain duty the faster the elevator goes up.

And then I want someone to mod it so that the elevator operator is Droopy Dog from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and every time I get on he says ‘Going down/up, sir’ in his dopey voice.


I knew where you were going before I even finished reading it! :smile:

Or you could put archers in a elevator slot, connect them to master switch, so when attack happens… you pull lever, and then 6-8 archers raise up outta holes, or to walls. XD


I love it! A low-fantasy version of hidden turrets.

I can imagine a fortress commander shouting “Activate perimeter defenses!” and a bunch of dudes run to pull a series of levers lifting a row of elevators with archers onto the walls.

Next command: “Raise the shields!” and another set of elevators goes up, with soldiers bearing pavise shields to protect the archers.

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