Elevators are Bugged

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [US]

At times you cannot pull elevators while you are on them, and when you pull elevators while off them and get on them quick you’ll fall through. Taking damage seems to fix it sometimes. This also leads to a weird glitch where if you ride an elevator up for a while, then pull it down again you’ll be jumped to above the elevator like on top of the structure/base it’s on.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place a vertical elevator
  2. Try to ride it often
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Hello @Irkalla, thank you for sharing this issue with us, we’ll register it for the developers to look into.

Would it be possible for you to share a short clip showing the issue in action?

I’ll see what I can get but I’m not using tall elevators right now because of it.

We ended up taking the elevators out of our base for now, there are a few workarounds that you can do, but since ours are both very short trips it just wasn’t worth it to mess with them. Ladders only for us until they get this fixed.

Workarounds we found are:

  1. If you approach an elevator showing at the top level while you are at the bottom, the chain needs to be pulled 2-3 times until you see it descend. Once it gets to the bottom level, you can ascend as normal.
  2. If you approach an elevator at the top level and it shows at the top level, or approach at the bottom level and it shows at the bottom level, pull the chain and let it go all the way up/down. Once it stops, pull the chain again to return it to you. You can then ascend/descend as normal.
  3. If you fall through the elevator on the way up, let it ascend all the way to the top. Call it back down, you can then ascend as normal.

Like I said, it was way too much hassle for us, but if you live in a base with really tall elevators this may help until they get it fixed.

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yes we are having the same issue with out elevators try to hit the switch and it wont move or sometimes you hit the switch and the elevator makes the sound were its going down but it actually doesn’t move or when youre below and hit the switch and it doesn’t move

We have same problems. Elevator returns to top after leaving render range. And sometimes it shows its down, but isn’t. You have to hit button multiple times to get it moving. Makes the trip to top of the base an absolute time sink (even more so than the elevators were originally). Please Fix. Just started happening after the most recent patch.

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