Elevators Bugged

Anyone else having problem with elevators being bugged and launching you into the sky? Also sometimes you just fall through them. Not sure whats causing this. PVP PC Official.

I used one yesterday and besides it being extremely slow, I didnt notice any of the issues described in your post.

I have had this happen to me before. It would happen on one specific elevator I had that lead to a tree base of mine, It may have had something to do with how high the elevator was going. It was whenever I jumped while riding the elevator it would catapault me up into the air. However when I demolished and replaced the elevator it stopped happening so no idea what it was all about for sure :man_shrugging:

While I’ve never been catapulted, I’ve seen several other users mentioning issues with elevators recently. Ever since the update at the end of January, my own elevator often ascends while leaving me behind. It has gotten so frequent I often just detour around it.

I know I’ve seen two different people post bug report threads regarding this too… ah yes, here’s one of them:

I can’t find the other one but they discussed how, in addition to being left behind often, elevators since the January patch seem to always be visually reset to the upper dock on session restart, and the first time you pull the lever often nothing happens.

Since there seems to be some issue with the game now showing elevator’s real position, I’m assuming the catapulting you experience might be due to the server and client disagreeing about whether the elevator is at the top yet or not. Once they get synchronized you could be launched into orbit if the server thought the platform was at the top and your client thinks you were only halfway up… that could be a pretty long distance snap for a movement update. :slight_smile:

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