Elevators don't move at first click - only at second

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVE C
Region: EU

Elevators wont work / move with the first click. You can see the animation of the chain getting pulled but it wont move

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Build elevator
  2. Try to interact with the chain with the skull (not the lever)
  3. Animation is correct
  4. Elevator won’t move
  5. Clicking a second time - the elevator moves

I can confirm this is happening to me too, however it only happens after the elevator has moved automatically back to its ‘rest position’. Then you have to click twice because it still thinks it was in the state it was last left at.

I’ve seen this too, but it happened after we removed a mod from the server.

Does this happen without mods? I’m wondering if the cause is a placebo effect.

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Yep. Elevators are bugged. They are sometimes up when they really are down. So wrong animation for its current position. On all servers without mods aswell.

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Hey @fleks

Thanks for the heads-up, we’ve relayed this information to our team.


I believe you are correct. Also, I don’t remember this happening in my singleplayer games. Could this be a miscommunication between client and server?

Elevators have massive issue since latest patch.

Just put your elevator DOWN and then leave the area -> suddenly its up again. And then you need to double click, so that it moves!
Otherwise I found out, it also works with 1 click.

So the problem kinda is, when the elevator is not down, but it was down…

Also sometimes whole camps reset themselves at PvE servers… Which was only in single-player like that.
So I knock out many thralls, to get the T4. Just kill working thralls and keep the fighters knocked out and when I come back, everything is back to it was before I was there…

I can confirm on Xbox it happens a lot. It got to the stage I automatically pull the chain twice.

Also, if an elevator has been used too many times, it will ‘ghost’ on you.

You’ll be halfway up and fall right through the floor. Screaming all the way to your new life as a pancake.


yep that happens too,
That’s why I call elevators a ‘‘death trap’’

I posted about this a few weeks ago never heard anything back about a known bug. Glad Ignasis relayed.

There is also some cases where if the elevator already down I hop on it and I can’t pull the handle, if I try to pull the chain and jump on the elevator to make it go up, it just literally going trough my body. I have to send it all the way up and down again. It’s pretty annoying considering we have a high Tower base.
Anyone else had this?

I had that happen once to me I cant seem to recreate it

Tested again yesterday… that is the main-problem…

If the elevator is up (default position) and leave the area and come back, only 1 pull is needed.

If I leave it down and go away and come back, I need 2.

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I’ve been sending mine up before I leave the area exactly for this reason.

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I’ll try this, so if I send it up before I leave I will only need one pull? That’s alright

Yeah, it looks like the game has issues when the elevator is not at default position, when you leave the area…

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