Fix the Elevator PLS!

It is surely mentioned a few times now but this bug sucks if you have Tower base or so, but even on all Elevator situations. Bug is in since 5 month now? New Executive Producer said he Plays the game, if he does it he should find this one annoying too. For Quality of life you should be even set where the Elevator is after Server Restart and so on (up or down) not Standard on up.

For the Bug and how to reproduce it:

  1. Call Elevator down.
  2. Log out.
  3. Log in.
  4. You see Elevator is up on Client. (Server seems to know where the Elevator is)
  5. You need to hit the Elevator switch now 2 times so that it is moving down again (for Server and Client)

Same is when you move out of the area of interesst.
So it seems that Client/Server handles Elevator different at the Moment but this should be really easy to fix, so pls just do it! :smiley:

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