Elevators Majorly Bugged

Same issues that occurred earlier this year but it seems to have worsened on the new map. Instead of when your first join the server, it’s anytime you go back to the elevator it will be at the very top, and you will need to pull the chain to get it to even move. Then if you have anyone next to you, it will desync, showing it still at the top for them but moving for you. I have also seen it where I called it down, and I am standing in the elevator, and a clanmate approaches and it is at the top for them and suddenly it will heavily glitch, either not move, shoot me 20-50 feet in the air or start moving and I will fall through the bottom.

its the same way on PC. Elevators become bugged and stuck, and sometimes won’t work at all… makes tree bases unmanageable

Opps, sorry for the confusion. I am on PC as well, the article I reference had detailed notes on the issue, but I added the new stuff I noticed on the new map. Not sure what changed unless it was just the new update in general and not the map itself.

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