Elevator bugged

Game mode: Online official server | PvP
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

I noticed the elevator is more bugged after the update.
When I join a server, the elevator is always up.

If my teammate is online and goes down with the elevator, the elevator is down on his screen.
When I come online after that, the elevator is on top on my screen but down on my friends screen.

This is the point were it gets bugged, the rest is aftermath.

This topic still applies:

  • At times you cannot pull elevators while you are on them : Still exist, sometimes when even riding on it.
  • This also leads to a weird glitch where if you ride an elevator up for a while, then pull it down again you’ll be jumped to above the elevator like on top of the structure/base it’s on: It looks like the part of my friend seeing the elevator downstairs and me upstairs.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Buy game
  2. Get to level 19
  3. Get Carpenter’s Bench with 30 Iron Bar, 8 Shaped Wood, 10 Twine and make a vertical elevator
  4. Have a friend
  5. 350 Stone & 50 Wood, build 10 foundations, build 10 foundations high (vertical) and place it somewhere on map.
  6. Place vertical elevator on top.
  7. Friend online, you log out the server (or go really far away from the building). Let friend send/pull the elevator down. you login the server.
  8. Bugged elevator.

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