Elevator Issues

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: North America

I almost didn’t report this, as it seemed a small bug at first but seems to be unfolding more issues.

For starters, when an elevator is at the top position and you are at the lower platform, the initial chain pull does nothing. A second pull generally makes it descend, but sometimes you have to pull the chain multiple times before it begins to come down. That was the initial problem I noticed.

In addition, it appears that different players near the same elevator may see it in different positions. It was almost all the way down and my clan mate yanked the chain again causing it to rise, because on his screen it was at the top position.

We have two elevators right next to each other in that spot, and he eventually saw the second one coming down even though he couldn’t see the first at ground level. He boarded the second and I the first (both dragging unconscious thralls) and he saw me teleport to the top, then bottom, then top, etc while my thrall on the rope bounced all over the place.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Approach an elevator that is in the top position.
  2. Pull the chain once at the bottom, watch the elevator not move.
  3. Pull it again, it may begin to descend.
  4. Have two people watch it at the same time, see if they see it in the same position.

Xbox official PvP. Both of us were on a 1X.

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Hey @LostInTim, thank you for pointing out this issue, we’ll send word to the developers regarding the possible syncing issues with elevators on different clients.

Same thing has been happening to me on the PS4, with one difference. The last time it happened it froze the game, causing it to crash, when the elevator was half way up to the next landing. This sadly resulted in the loss of the RHST II thrall that I was leveling up. According to the thrall pot they are still present in the base but are not to be found anywhere!

Also had this happen on Xbox …falling through them or calling and they don’t respond… solution was to pick up and replace but happened again 20 or so minutes later

Also noticed that if you catch them at the bottom already you fall through until you send them back to the top and then call them back down again.

Can confirm this happens on Xbox as well. First pull makes the noise but no drop. Second pull sometimes the same. If I look up at the base of the elevator in the second pull, that usually works. Also sending the elevator back down oftentimes has the same issue. It’ll show it going down but when I come back, it’s where it was before.

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