Elevator not working

I placed an vertical elevator to make it easyer to scale a cliff but it won’t work. What do I need to make it work?

Ehm did you pull the lever that activates it?
The elevator has two buttons, one at the top of it’s movement, and one at “ground floor” level… usually a skullwith a chain, you have to manually push them to activate the elevator.
Or… yours is a complete new bug I’ve never experienced.

You need a full stack of foundations from top to bottom. Your problem may be something else of course, but it starts there.

@darthphysicist Can you explain that or tell about your experience with this, please? I have never needed to put foundations from the elevator’s starting point down to the end-point to make it work.

Indeed, having a full stack of foundations has never been necessary for me either. Though if you don’t build them, it’s quite possible there’ll be something jutting out ever-so-slightly into the intended path of the elevator, which can lead to some unexpected short trips.

But without more info from the OP, it’s impossible to say - quite possibly they simply hadn’t found the activation lever.

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To @Mikey ‘s point, it may not be necessary, but it will make it work for sure (I’m assuming you know how to activate the elevator). If you stack foundations and place the elevator on top, it will go down till it hits the ground (I even go so far as to place the stopping foundation directly underneath to have a level surface to build from).

Usually I build my elevator at the end of a ceiling tile and then test it.
If it does not go down to ground because some other part of the environmant stops it, then I put it back into the inventory and add another ceiling tile.
I add foundations only to have enough for a decent decay time, or if I cannot extend the ceiling tiles far enough for the elevator to hit the ground.

On the ground I put a foundation next to the ground platform of the elevator, remove the elevator, build a platform out of foundations and then put the elevator in place again.
I hate it when the elevator’s ground platform sits on the ground with just a single edge touching :wink:

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