Building foundations and elevators?

I keep coming across issues where a ceiling or foundation and elevators could not be built in an area they should. Are there common rules that apply to building structures? I built a very tall building only to find that my elevator would not work - - there simply was no place for my elevator to attach all placements were prohibited by the game. Is there a rule to how high a vertical elevator can be built? Also I found that creating a pyramid was not working because the same rule may have applied, the sloped walls would not attach. Does anyone know where I can find this kind of information, the laws of building? Thank you ahead of time.

Edit: Solved the elevator problem - Elevators can go a distance of 32 foundations. I am still unable to figure out what prevents sloped walls from being placed on a pyramid structure with an even foundation beneath it. I am curious if it has something to do with structures on other floors below?

I’ve seen some very tall elevators, but there could be height limits for all I know.

When the ground was uneven beneath where I wanted to build an elevator I’ve had to build a platform on the ground level to get it to attach.

I have built a couple pyramids now and found them to be tricky to build because of stabiliity restrictions. What I had to do was build up the pyramid until it wont allow placing more pieces then place pillars in the interior and build a ceiling on top of the pillars. Once that ceiling/floor is all connected you will have the stability to build higher, just Wash, Rinse, Repeat as necessary.

When I’m building now, I always have a Repair Hammer with me so I can see the buildings Stability. The Repair Hammer is a builders best friend.

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Note that vertical elevators does have a high limmitation. If you cannot place it it must have surpassed that limit and you’ll need to place a ceilling to be allowed placeing the elevator. If your building is too high you must place a ceilling at certain highness to fit it; i am not sure how much is this limit but doing this way should work. Please let me know how it goes.

This. Especially until you get a feel for how the system works. It’ll help you differentiate between the cases where stability is the culprit, and the times where the game will just not allow you place a piece “because lol”.

The former has to be solved by adding foundations and/or pillars in the right places.

The latter can usually be solved by any or all of the following: toggling the building piece off and on again from the hotbar, going away from the area for a while, relogging or by placing temporary support pieces next to the one you actually want to place (tier 1 will do fine).

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